Choosing the best electric bike comes down to your needs as a cyclist. Today veteran riders and novices are relying on their e-bikes for city adventures, daily commutes, and off-road joyrides. 

The Aventon Pace 500 and Ride1up Core 5 are the most sought-after e-bikes on the market. Of course, there must be good reasons for this. They’re affordable, with some great improvements in design, speed performance, and overall functionality. 

But which one should you buy to suit your riding style? I spent hours putting together the differences between the Aventon Pace 500 and the Ride1UP Core 5 bikes to hopefully help you pick the model that works best for you. 

The exact models being compared in this article are given below. Make sure you are checking out the right one.

Aventon Pace 500 Detailed Info
Ride1UP Core 5 Detailed Info

First Impressions

You’ll notice at a glance that both are nice-looking electric bikes. Loaded with a handful of comfort-driven features, Aventon Pace 500 has a cool, stylish appearance. What I like about this modern bike is the relaxed, upright cruiser frame that allows it to support riders up to 300 lbs.

Pace 500 is now available in two frame sizes – regular and large to fit your height. The regular frame has a stand-over height of 28’85” (73.3 cm) for riders between 5’1″ and 5’11”, while the large frame’s stand-over height stands at 30’31” (77.0 cm) for riders ranging from 5’11” to 6’4″.

Other bonus features such as a cushy saddle, swept-back handlebars, and adjustable stem promote proper riding posture and comfortability. The bike weighs 52lbs without attaching any accessories. 

The powerful Ride1up Core 5 looks fairly sleek with two different frame configurations; the step-thru version and the standard version. The former allows you to easily mount and dismount the bike without any hassle.

The model does carry riders up to 275 lbs. According to Ride1Up, the e-bike comes in one size that will accommodate riders of sizes 5’2″ – 6’4″. 

You can get the Core-5 in 2 attractive colors – slate blue or midnight gray. It’s slightly lighter than the Aventon Pace 500 at 49 lbs. 

Avanton Pace 500 vs Ride1UP Core 5

Physical Features

Let’s have a look at the physical features of the two e-bikes

Aventon Pace 500  Ride1up Core 5
Type Class 3 commuter e-bike Class 3 commuter e-bike
Frame  28’85” (regular frame) and 30’31” (large frame) aluminum Aluminum (2 frame configurations)
Weight 52 lbs. 49 lbs.
Weight limit Up to 300 lbs.  up to 275 lbs.
Brake-type Hydraulic disc Brakes Mechanical disc brakes
Drivetrain/gear range 8-speed 7-speed
Wheel size 27.5-inch 27.5-inch


While summer is shaping up to be the best season for biking, you can’t wait to test both models on the trails and roads. 

The ergonomic design of all two bikes is nearly indistinguishable. What blew my mind was the swept-back handlebars aimed at helping you sit in an upright, comfortable riding position. This feels comfortable as you pedal through cities on your errands or on relatively flat terrain.

You’ll spot a significant difference in the components found on the two models, primarily the brakes and the drivetrain. Pace 500 is equipped with hydraulic disk brakes, which outperform the standard mechanical disc brakes found on Core 5

Regarding this, hydraulic brakes are undoubtedly a game-changer in electric bikes, considering the high speed you’ll find yourself riding at.

I mean they boost increased stopping power, better modulation, and most importantly, less wear and tear as opposed to mechanical brakes.  

All two bikes use a Shimano drivetrain. Aventon Pace 500 prefers utilizing the 8-speed system, while Ride1up Core 5 opts for the 7-speed cassette. 

Avanton Pace 500 vs Core 5

Technical Features  

Here’s the technical comparison between the two models

Aventon Pace 500 Ride1up Core 5
Motor 48V, 500w Brushless Rear Hub Motor 48V, 750W rear hub motor
Battery 48V, 12.8Ah Removable Lithium-ion with LG Cells 48V, 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery with LG cells
 Range 25-48 Miles 20-40 miles
Top speed 28 Mph 28 Mph


The Aventon Pace 500 delivers a powerful 500-Watt rear hub motor. With it, you can enjoy a nice torque, hill-climbing capability, and top speed of 26 mph with pedal assist. 

Ride1up Core 5’s motor has a more substantial power than its counterpart. You can’t miss out on a 750W nominal motor because it would effectively boost your bike’s speed up to 28mph. 

As for the range, the Pace 500’s 12.8Ah battery gives you between 25 to 48 miles per charge. But this depends on various factors such as terrain, incline, etc. By contrast, the 10.4Ah battery for Core 5 gets about 20 to 40 miles of range out of the battery.

Probably the unique feature in both is the stealthy battery that’s fully integrated into the frame along with rear and front lights. You can’t recognize if they’re e-bikes or not, whatsoever. Not all bikes are made this way.

Aventon Pace 500 vs Ride1up Core 5 – Which one to Choose?

It’s now easy to say both bikes have enjoyed a longstanding reputation for a while. The two companies behind the invention are taking the motorcycle industry by storm with some smart upgrades and a tempting cut price.

One notable thing is that an e-bike doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to look great. Aventon Pace 500 or Ride1up Core 5 is solid proof for this.

If you’re planning to ride on trails and towns alike, Aventon Pace 500 can be an excellent choice. Although its motor isn’t that strong, it does maneuver seamlessly through flat terrain.  

Ride1up Core 5 is a lightweight cruiser bike. At just 49 lbs, beginners will be pleased that the bike is easy to transport in case of any hitch on the way. 

You can get either of the products if you’re looking to save a few bucks and at the same time be able to commute. 
The exact models being compared in this article are given below. Make sure you are checking out the right one.

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Aventon Pace 500 Detailed Info
Ride1UP Core 5 Detailed Info