Digital content creators work a lot with video and image processing applications like Lightroom, Photoshop or Premier pro. That’s a damn challenge for the vast majority because the process packs a ton of most frequently-used keyboard shortcuts to remember. 

If you’re looking to speed up your video or photo editing workflow, consider trying out a creative software controller such as the TourBox. The stealthy accessory gives you a more hands-on, tactile editing experience.

We have already written a detailed review of TourBox Neo and it is a great device. When we saw their new version, TourBox Elite, the most exciting thing was the wireless connection. We can now access mouse and keyboard shortcuts more efficiently.

TourBox Neo Vs Elite – which one is worth backing? We’re going to get into the nitty-gritty difference between the two. In the end, you’ll be able to pick the model that matches your needs. Let’s dive in:

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First Impressions

At a glance, the Neo and Elite by TourBox Tech look nearly identical from a design perspective. Thanks to their array of thoughtful easy-to-use features, including customizable dials and buttons that are identifiable by touch.

The TourBox Neo is compatible with literally all programs. Still, my main gripe with this gadget is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity in the setup, which would otherwise simplify its use. 

The TourBox Elite is what TourBox Tech calls “a creative Bluetooth controller” engineered for content creators. A Dual-Channel Bluetooth 5.1 added in the Elite is one change content producers always brag about. That’s to say; you can enjoy a fully wireless editing experience in your office with little to no fuss. 

TouchBox Elite TouchBox Neo
Connection/Interface Dual-Channel Bluetooth LE 5.1 & USB-C cable USB-C cable
Weight 0.82 lb /370g (without batteries)  batteries weigh 48g 0.82 lb /370g (without batteries)  batteries weigh 48g
Dimensions 116 x 101 x 44 mm 116 x 101 x 44 mm
Operating Voltage/Power supply Wired: 5V DC, 50mA;  Wireless: 3V DC, 50mA Wired: 5V DC, 50mA
Color Options More Color Options (classic black version, ivory white & smoke-back translucent) Classic black version only
Operating Compatibility Wired: MacOS10.10 or higher, Windows 7 or higher.

Wireless: MacOS 10.11 or higher

Windows 7 or higher.

MacOS 10.10 or higher

Windows 7 or higher

Material ABS, polycarbonate ABS, polycarbonate
Media controls Dedicated Dedicated
Detailed Infographics TB ELite TB Neo


The TourBox Elite is just an upgraded version of the Neo version with a couple of advanced subtle tweaks to note. And although the design is almost identical in the two models, the Elite comes with dual-channel Bluetooth LE 5.1 for wireless operation. 

As you’re probably aware, a wireless connection is a game-changer. Bluetooth connectivity inclusion in the Elite is perfect for filmmakers and photographers who like editing with a laptop on the road. You can also pair it with two computers at any time.  

For existing TourBox users like me, I’m impressed with this new change as the controller looks neater and aesthetically appealing, especially when sitting next to my wireless mouse and keyboard. I no longer need to bring connecting cables to my desk, which was once a necessity.

The Neo offers a seamless way to showcase your editing skills without having to faff around. Be that as it may, the gadget isn’t made in a wireless format. 

(Neo on left vs Elite on right)

Operating System Compatibility

Both ultimate controllers work with Windows (Windows 7 or higher) and macOS (macOS 10.10 or higher). I was using the TourBox Neo to excellently streamline my workflow for Lightroom in my workstation, but after switching to my MacBook Air, I had to revisit the device with fresh eyes. I hardly use it of late. 

On my new machine, the TourBox Elite works great. It installs easily with zero problems along the way, giving real-time interactivity with my apps. You don’t have to give macOS any permission when setting it up.

Make sure you have the latest version of the TourBox Console (software). This software allows you to customize anything with your device. You can download it from TourBox Tech’s official website. 

Build Quality

I’m so pleased with the quality of the construction – the ABS plastic material used in both models gives a matte black finish. The build is more solid and feels nice when you hold any of the two in your hands. 

TourBox Elite seems to have a clever design because of some wonderful changes. Without a cord (wireless connectivity), it looks more professional.

What’s more? The designer provides a USB-C connection alongside a short cable that you can be used if you need to plug in for any reason. Whether you’re on vacation to do photo processing, you can connect the controller to your laptop using the USB-C cable.

The Neo is available in classic black, while Elite comes with 3 color options (ivory white, classic black, and smoke-black translucent), allowing you to choose the style of your choice. 

(Neo on left vs Elite on right)

Performance & Ease of Use

Concerning the performance, I saw no big difference between the TourBox Elite and Neo. Both can perform exactly what you’d want to make your editing process more fluid. 

Photographers won’t experience wireless signal issues, dropouts, or lags when connecting via Elite’s Bluetooth as well. 

On top of easy installation, shout out to the unique built-in functions in both models. Get rid of the boring keyboard or mouse shortcuts in the creative process with just a single button touch.

TourBox Neo or TourBox Elite – What to Choose?

Frankly speaking, I would recommend TourBox Elite over Neo for digital content creators. It’s a controller made for creatives who spend much time working on the color channel, highlights, shadow, or similar adjustments.

Having used Neo, I found the cable connection a bit inconvenient. Hats off to its dual-channel Bluetooth technology, the Elite promises not just intuitive editing but also a one-handed control experience. Get it and enjoy a seamless workflow. 

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