There are tens of portable power stations available today. Choosing the right one is not easy. So to help you choose the best, we have created numerous comparisons between different power stations including Jackery Vs. Ecoflow, Bluetti Vs. Ecoflow and in this post, we are gonna see how Bluetti compares to Jackery. Also if you are into purchasing a portable power station, don’t forget to check out our in-depth guide on the best power stations, you’ll find is super helpful.

I have been using Bluetti EB150 for quite some time now and I had the opportunity to test Jackery Explorer 1000 at CES in January 2020 even before it was released. So in this article, I have compared these power stations to give you an idea about how these stand against each other. The models being compared are, Bluetti EB150 which is a 1000W/1500Wh power station and Jackery Explorer 1000 (1000W/1002Wh) station.

Below are the exact models I have compared in this article. Make sure you are looking for these exact models.

Compare Jackery vs Bluetti

What’s in the Box

Both of these battery stations come in a huge box. The box is wrapped up in thermacol/polystyrene for safety reasons.

Jackery Explorer 1000

  • SolarSaga Parallel Adapter Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • Explorer 1000 Power Generator
  • User Manual
  • Car Charger Cable

Bluetti EB150

  • PV Solar Charge Cable (7909 to MC4)
  • AC Wall Charger (including AC input charging cable)
  • EB150 Solar Power Generator
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Certificate of Qualification

First Impression

When it comes to design, Jackery Explorer looks more aesthetic when compared to Bluetti. Jackery is compact and weighs just around 22lbs while Bluetti weighs around 35lbs. Jackery simply outwits Bluetti in this section.

Bluetti and Jackery Power Station Comparisions

Find the number of ports and their power rating in the below table.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Bluetti EB150
AC Power Outlets (110V) 3 Ports 1000W each 2 Ports 1000W each
USB Ports 2 Ports (1 Quick Charge 3.0) 4 Ports 3A Max
USB C Ports 2 Ports PD18W (5V 3A / 9V 2A / 12V 1.5A) 1 Port 45W
DC Car Port 12V 10A 12V 9A
Solar/DC Input Port 12V-30V (200W Max) 16 – 60V / 10A
Digital Display Yes Yes
AC On/Off Switch Yes Yes
DC On/Off Switch Yes Yes
Overload Protection Yes Yes

Jackery has more AC ports compared to EB150 which means you can power more devices simultaneously. Both of these power stations automatically turn off when there is an overload.

Battery Capacity and Power

Both EB150 and Explorer have the same power capacity which is 1000W but Jackery outperforms Bluetti in Surge capacity. In the battery capacity, Bluetti is way above Jackery. Most of the time battery capacity is useful as you can power the devices for a longer duration. But surge capacity helps you to use power devices at least for a short amount of time. Also, it helps you power some devices that require high power while turning on but run at low power later on.

Bluetti EB150 has a huge battery capacity of 1500Wh. For those who aren’t familiar with the Wh rating, let me give you an example.

Assume you have two gadgets, one is a 1000W drilling machine and another is a 200W TV.

With EB150’s 1500Wh battery, you can power the 200W TV for almost 7.5 hours while the 1000W drilling machine lasts for about 90 minutes. Whereas Jackery’s 1002Wh can power your drilling machine for about an hour and TV for about 5 hours.

*Based on efficiency the above figures may vary. The above figures are considering 100% efficiency which is highly unlikely.

On the other hand, Jackery has a surge capacity of 2000W which would be super helpful when you use power tools like saw or drilling machines for a very short amount of time.

So it is a hit-and-miss game. You can get either battery capacity or surge capacity. Choose based on your applications. Also check out EcoFlow Delta and Bluetti EB240.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Bluetti EB150
Power 1000W 1000W
Battery Capacity 1002Wh 1500Wh
Surge 2000W 1000W


There are multiple ways to charge both Bluetti and Jackery. Find the different ways and approximate charging time in the below table.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Bluetti EB150
AC Wall Outlet ~7 Hours for a full charge ~10 Hours for a full charge
Solar Panel 2x100W Panel (~8 Hours) Supports 500W Panel
Car Yes (~14 Hours) No

Car charging is super helpful when you are on a trip and Jackery has got this option covered.

I would say Jackery wins the battle here.


Performance is depended on how long can a power station power a specific appliance. It is mostly based on the battery capacity of the power station. The following table gives you a rough comparison of EB150 and Jackery Explorer 1000 in performance.

Appliance Jackery Explorer 1000 Bluetti EB150
Laptop (80W) 12+ Times 18+ Times
LCD TV (150W) 6 Hours 9 Hours
Smartphone (8W) 100+ Times 175+ Times
Desktop Computer (200W) 4.7 Hours 7 Hours
Ceiling Fan (52 inch) 16 hours 1 Day
Microwave Oven (1100W) No 90 Minutes
Instant Pot Cooker (900W) 1 Hour 100 Minutes
Corded Drilling Machine (600W) 1.5 Hours 2 Hours
Washing Machine (900W) 55 Minutes 1.5 Hours
Blender (250W) 3 Hours 5.5 Hours
Electric Clothes Dryer (1700W) No No
Toaster (650W) 90 Minutes 2 Hours
Electric Kettle (1300W) No No
Portable Refrigerator (70W) 12 Hours 20 Hours
Mini Vacuum Cleaner (250W) 3.2 Hours 5.5 Hours
Surveillance/Wifi Camera (5W) 7 Days 11 Days
Electric Saw (1400W) No No
Welding Machine (2000W) No No
Electric Grill (1600W) No No

*Based on efficiency, the above factor may vary. This is just a rough idea of performance.

As you can see, both the power generators can drive almost every device except for power tools. Also, since the battery capacity of Bluetti is more than Jackery, the devices would run for a longer duration.

Jackery Vs. Bluetti: Which one to consider

While both of these portable power stations offer similar features and performance parameters, there are slight differences that make one better over the other in some aspects. So, please consider the following aspects while you purchase one for yourself.

Buy Jackery Explorer 1000 If:

  • You like to more have the surge capacity
  • You need support for car charging
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EcoFlow Delta vs Jackery Power Station

Buy Bluetti EB150 if:

  • You like to have more battery capacity (watt-hour)
  • You want to use more solar capacity
  • You are looking for an affordable power station
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Bluetti Power Station

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