Electric bikes are popular than ever before. They are versatile, easy to operate, convenient and eco-friendly. eBikes come in different sizes, types and functionalities. There are hundreds of electric bikes available in the market. Choosing one among them is sometimes challenging. There are many factors to be considered while making your decision. So to help you with your decision, we have compared two of the leading brands in the electric bikes market i.e Ecotric vs Ancheer. The models being compared are as follows. Also, if you are particularly looking for an ebike under $1000, check out our in-depth reviews and comparison of $1000 electric bikes.

Make sure you are looking for exact models.

Both these eBikes are foldable, well suited for a city commute or mountain ride and features a wheel diameter of 20inch.

First Impression

Ecotric and Ancheer both have a look of traditional folding eBikes. Both come in a box with a lot of protective materials. Both these eBikes come folded and need to be assembled by yourself.

The most important features considered while purchasing any eBike are speed, range, weight and battery life. Let us look at how Ecotric and Ancheer stand against each other under each of these categories.

Physical Features

First I am going to compare the physical features of both the eBikes followed by their technical specifications. The following table provides the side by side comparison of Ancheer and Ecotric.

Ecotric Ancheer
Model Fat Tire Folding eBike Folding City Commuter
Type Mountain and Road Mountain and Road
Frame Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Brakes Mechanical Disc 160mm Disc Brakes
Weight (with battery) 52 pounds 46 pounds
Modes Pedal + Throttle + eBike Pedal + Throttle + eBike
Gear 7 speed Shimona gear 7 speed Shimona gear
Wheel Diameter 20 inches 20 inches

As you can see both of these 20inch electric bikes feature an aluminum frame with front and rear disc brakes. Both these eBikes feature the same gear system and provides pedal, throttle and eBike mode.

Ancheer as appeared when folded
Ecotric’s disk brake



One of the important features to be considered while purchasing an eBike is definitely the weight. You need to consider both the weight of the bike as well as the weight it can accommodate.

Both the electric bikes are made of an aluminum frame. Ecotric weighs 52lbs mostly due to larger battery and Ancheer weighs just 46lbs. Weight becomes very much important while riding on irregular terrains. The lightweight body of Ancheer helps you in such a situation while Ecotric may not be as pleasant.

Ecotric has a load capacity of 220lbs and Ancheer has a capacity of 330lbs. So choose the latter if you are slightly on the other side of the weighing scale.

Technical Features

Let us take a look at the technical features of Ecotric and Ancheer

Ecotric Ancheer
Battery 48V 13AH Lithium-Ion 36V 8AH Lithium-Ion
Motor Rear Hub 48V 500W brushless gear motors 250W high-speed brushless gear motors
Max Speed 20mph 15mph
Mileage (Throttle) 18miles – 23miles 15miles
Charge Time 6-8 Hours 4-8 Hours

Ecotric has a powerful motor and a bigger battery compared to Ancheer adding to its extra weight. Due to this powerful motor, Ecotric can reach a max speed of 20miles whereas Ancheer is limited to 15mph. The charging time for these eBikes is straightforward. Ecotric with a bigger battery takes more time to charge compared to Ancheer. Let us see some of these technical features in detail.


I wish these eBikes had fast charging!


The battery is the most important thing in any electric bike. All eBikes are powered by rechargeable batteries and decide how far can you ride your bike. Also as these batteries power your motor, speed, in turn, is related to the battery.

Ecotric is powered with a 48V 13AH Lithium-Ion battery which is very much required to drive the powerful 500W motor. Ancheer is using 36V 8AH Lithium-Ion battery which is quite low compared to the powerful Ecotric battery.

Ecotric bike’s battery


But there is also a downside for the large battery here. The larger the battery, the more is its weight. More weight means it is difficult to control the bike. Also, it takes a long time to get recharged.

Ancheer can drive up to 15 miles on a single charge whereas Ecotric goes way up to 23 miles.

*This is based on throttle mode. Range varies with different modes

Also, the charge time of Ecotric is 6-8 hours whereas Ancheer charges just within 4-6 hours.


Just like the battery, speed is also an important indicator of how good the bike is. When you are talking about speed, you need to consider what battery is being used.

As you saw, Ecotric Fat Tire Foldable eBike is using 500W brushless motor whereas Ancheer City Commuter is powered by 250W brushless gear motor. So it is obvious that Ecotric is faster compared to Ancheer. Ecotric can reach a maximum speed of 20mph which is quite high for a 20-inch folding eBike. All thanks to its powerful 500W motor. On the other hand, Ancheer can reach a maximum speed of 15mph.

Ecotric vs Ancheer: Which one to consider?

Obviously, Ecotric and Ancheer do not stand neck to neck with each other and hence, the decision to choose one completely depends upon your purpose.

Buy Ecotric If:

  • Looking for a powerful eBike
  • Need more speed and battery
  • Mostly ride with in the city
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Buy Ancheer If:

  • Looking for a lightweight eBike
  • Loves to ride in irregular terrains
  • Need more weight capacity
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Ancheer City Commuter eBike Features


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