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Bluetti EB150 Portable Power Station Review

“It’s been a while since I started using Bluetti EB150 by Maxoak. After using the power station for a couple of months and taking it on a road trip to Utah, I now have sufficient experience with it to write an in-depth review that could…

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MPOW H17 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

With the influx of Bluetooth earphones, the market is saturated with cheaper, better and comfortable headphones. This paired with the ease of access to the quality brands and options to compare and check across multiple media has brought with itself the niche problem of choosing…

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Boltune Wireless Headphones Review

These days, it is impossible to go to any public place without catching the glance of at least one person with a contraption protruding from their ears and jutting just outside their ears or going around their necks. Such is the ubiquity of the wireless…

Product Reviews

BLUEDIO TM Headphones Review – Affordable But!

I was pretty much excited to receive the Bluedio Headphones mainly because of those positive reviews around. Bluedio has been manufacturing many affordable BT Headphones which is indeed special. The headphones I received was Bluedio TM which costs around $38 on Amazon. Let’s begin with the…