• Aesthetic Design and Good Build Quality
  • Amazing Audio Quality
  • Good Bass
  • Comfortable to Wear


  • Noise Cancellation is Okayish
  • Battery life can be improved
  • Bulky
Design & Aesthetics
Audio Quality
Active Noise Cancellation
Battery Backup
Bluetooth Connection

If you look up on Amazon, there are probably over a thousand headphones. It is really challenging to decide upon the one you need because there are so many variants at every price point. If you might be knowing, active noise-canceling headphones are popular than ever before because of the convenience and comfort they offer. Two of the three headphones I own have ANC.

With that being said, I am going to review a good ANC headset from Mixcder. If you aren’t familiar, Mixcder has been developing audio equipment for a long time. In this post, we are gonna look at how Mixcder E10 wireless headphones are and their features in detail. At the end of the post, you will see the pros and cons of these headphones and the best alternatives. If you have limited time, just head over to the key takeaways section at the end of this post for the summary.

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The exact model I am reviewing in this post is

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These headphones come in a hard-cased box. The box is helpful to carry it around but I wish it was a little more aesthetic. These are the contents inside the case

  • Headphones
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Airplane Adapter
  • User Manual

First Impression

Out of the box, these headphones look so aesthetic. It has a sturdy metal and plastic body which is beautiful. The foldable design allows you to carry it in your bag without having to worry about damaging it. The earcups are super comfortable. I have worn these headphones for hours but haven’t experienced any pain or discomfort in the ears. But I do find these headphones heavier and slightly bulkier than my MPOW H12. My rating for this section is 10/10.

Mixcder Headphone Hinges


On the left earcup, you have a micro USB port and a charging indicator (red during charging and turned off after charge)

On the right earcup, you have the following

  • Power Button (also acts as a button for pause/play/pairing)
  • LED Indicator
  • Volume Up and Down (also acts as a button for next/previous track)
  • 3.5mm port (for wired connection)
  • ANC Button
  • ANC LED Indicator (Blue)

Audio Quality

If there is one thing that makes E10 truly stands out from its peers is the audio quality. It is super clean, very comfortable, and crystal clear. The audio quality is even better with ANC turned on. Also, I was super amazed by the bass quality of these headphones when I first put it on. It is super smooth. I kinda felt it best at the mid-volume range but even at the highest volume, you can easily listen to music without burning your ears. Apart from E10, my Audio Technica SR30BT has fantastic audio quality. If I compare, E10 stands a step above it. Apart from these, Mixcder E10 is also equipped with AptX technology. If you aren’t familiar, AptX gives you a better audio compression that ultimately leads to a superior audio quality. I am not gonna talk more about audio quality because it is just amazing. I give it a 9.8/10.

Noise Cancellation

Mixcder E10 has an active noise cancellation feature that is supposed to diminish the noise around you in real-time. I am a huge fan of noise cancellation and if there are two things I inspect before bugging a headset, it would be the audio quality and noise cancellation. Talking about E10, its noise cancellation isn’t great. I wouldn’t even say its good but its not bad either. With ANC turned on, I can easily hear some noise around me that would have been diminished on my H12. Bur…the ANC feature is super helpful when you are listening to something, especially music. By turning ANC on, I see a significant increase in the clarity of the audio. This is really really useful. I haven’t tested these headphones on an airplane but I think it can make me sleep comfortably. I give a neutral 7/10 for ANC.

The ANC on/off button is at an odd place in the headset

Mixcder ANC Headphones


If you are looking for good noise canceling, check out my review of MPOW H12

Bluetooth Connection

E10 uses BT 5.0 for the connection. From my experience, the connection stability is good, in fact, I have never experienced any lag or disconnection while using the headset. Like many other headphones, E10 lets you connect to more than one device simultaneously. So you can easily switch from your smartphone to laptop audio if needed. The Bluetooth connection distance is around 10m but if you are in a crowded place like a gym, you may experience some disturbance. Bluetooth gets a solid 10/10.

Battery Life

Not bad. Battery if one of the most important features of any gadget out there, be it a headset or a laptop. Usually, ANC headphones won’t do good when it comes to battery. Typically, every ANC headset gives a better backup when used without ANC. With that being said, E10 gives me around 28 hours of battery backup without ANC and around 20 hours with ANC turned on. This is not so great but if you compare it with many other ANC headphones in this range, Mixcder E10 does a pretty good job.

When you are out of battery, the LED indicator turns red and you get battery low message until the headphones die off. You can charge these with a micro USB cable via a power bank or a wall charger. The charging is quite fast, in fact, the manufacturer claims 2 hours to playtime from 5 minutes of charge. I haven’t tried it but it does seem to charge fast. A full charge may take around an hour or so. Personally, I want every headphone of today’s market should support type C charging. Its quick, convenient, and easy to use. My rating is 7/10 for the battery.

When are you migrating to USB C charging Mixcder?

Comparison to Premium ANC Headsets

I have used many premium noise-canceling headphones including Bose 700, Sony XM3. Comparing the features, Mixcder E10 has almost every feature such as quick charging, ANC, foldable design, etc when compared to those premium headsets but what differs is the quality. The sound quality and battery backup are comparable but ANC and comfort aren’t. But when you think from the price point, E10 is worth it.

If I compare E10 with headphones in a similar price range such as Taotronics BH060, MPOW H17, I can confidently say that the audio quality and bass of E10 is significantly better than BH060 or H17 but it still lacks begins when it comes to ANC. Also, E10 looks cooler than either of them.

Key Takeaways

Let’s take a look at some of the key takeaways from this review. You can use these to determine whether or not should you be buying E10.

  • Mixcder E10 features a 40mm driver, BT 5.0 and AptX
  • Fantastic audio quality
  • Bass is very good
  • ANC isn’t as great as other headphones in the price range
  • Comfortable to wear but feels slightly heavy over a long use
  • A decent battery life of around 20 hours with ANC on
  • Quick Charging (5 mins of charge gives 2 hours of playtime)
  • Pairs with multiple devices simultaneously
  • Bluetooth is stable with no lag or distortion

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