For those looking to decorate their homes, a floating plant pot can be the coolest thing in any space. The floating effect makes it look impressive while the plant inside it makes it even more attractive, making it an ideal product to keep at home or the office.

With its simple but unique design, you can house a wide range of succulents, bonsai plants, herbs, or air plants of your choice. A mid-air floating plant pot is simple to set and delivers a ‘wow’ factor that impresses your friends and family.

While there are a lot of options on the market, some are just ripoffs while some are overpriced. Official websites like flytestore, floately, etc are damn expensive. Why pay so much when you can get very similar products at half the price on Amazon? That too, with great reviews. In this post, I will share with you the best levitating plant pots worthy of consideration while making sure your pocket does not cry! Let’s take a look!

None of these floating planters come with plants. Meaning, you will have to plant a seed or a small sapling after you receive the pot.

Things to Consider in a Levitating Plant Pot

Pot Size

Levitating plant pots come in different sizes. The size you choose will depend on what you want to grow and the type of plant. If you are planning to grow, say a mid-sized (1-2ft) bonsai plant, then go with the biggest available pot. But small flowering plants and grasses can work well with smaller ones. Also, a compact size will allow you to use it even on your desk.


Design is another decisive factor to look for in floating pots. The hexagonal-like pot is eye-catching. Those rounded pots look very stylish too. There are some fancy-looking ones on this list, if you may find them interesting.

Bearing Capacity

Bearing capacity is the capacity that the pot can hold while floating. If you put too much weight, it just cannot levitate. Most of the pots have a bearing capacity of 0.66 lbs (300g). So, keep this in your mind before choosing which plant to grow. Some get big and become heavy.


The brand is another vital factor when you are buying electronic equipment. Some of the brands that sell these pots are popular and have good reviews while some are cheap ripoffs. In this post, I have avoided shady, not-so-popular brands and products with little to no reviews because customer satisfaction matters.

Let’s give into our picks

1. Babook Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

A good levitating pot should be light, attractive, and uniquely designed. But it must also be spacious enough to hold a number of flowers. The Air Bonsai is a lightweight pot that will amplify your home’s interior decor.

When you look at the pot from different angles, its aesthetically pleasing novelty design shines out! This is credited to resin- the primary material used by Babook’s manufacturers.

Not only is resin moldable to novelty shapes, but also it is a durable and robust material; thus, your pot is expected to last long.

On the base, patented magnet coils and sensors suspend and rotate the pot in midair. Using the coils requires you to connect the unit to a power supply. The electrical current will set magnetic activities that will lift the pot. The only downside of this unit is that it will not operate when the power goes off.

The item’s size is 3.54 x 3.54 x 1.96 inches, weighing 1.6 lbs. and with a bearing capacity of 0.66 lbs; it is a sizeable unit that has space where you can grow small plants. When growing plants, add soil and water that is within its bearing capacity, which is 300 grams.

You can get these pots on Amazon from Babook trusted brand. When buying, try to ascertain that you are only dealing with Babook to get high-quality pots.


2. E-18th Floating Flower and Plant Pot

The E-18th plant pot is a fantastic piece with classy designs excellent for your home, place of work, or any other special area you want to keep pretty.

The maglev technology used by the pot is like a magical charm that will introduce calmness to your home. Do not forget the primary material in this pot, too, is durable and shines when polished.

This pot speaks of itself in the patented maglev technology. The technology is behind the conspicuous suspension system, which will definitely grab your attention when you look at it.

As you carefully assess the pot’s technology, you will find out that its suspension height varies from 1-3cm. When the pot is heavy, it will suspend 1cm from the base. The height will increase to a maximum of 3cm whereby you gradually offload the contents of the pot.

Nonetheless, its noticeable light yellow color and ABS plastic are welcoming when you buy them for your living room. The awesome ABS plastic is attractive as well as durable, so expect everyone to love the pot.

The pot has a diameter of 8cm and a height of 3.5cm, which creates a large volume for plants. You can grow any herbs or flowers since the E-8th brand does not come with specific plants or bonsais.


3. JU&MU Magnetic Levitation Pot

This levitating planter is Jack of All Trades in interior decorations. The pot is expertly designed, uses complex technology, and is a perfect DIY project tool; thus, you won’t regret owning one.

The pot floats on a patented JU&MU silent magnetic technology which is good for cool and quiet indoors. While suspended, the pot’s creative design splashes out, and anyone looking at it from any angle is always delighted.

Measuring 5.28 x 5.28 x 1.1 inches with a height of 5cm and weighing only 2.1 pounds, the pot is small. But this seemingly small pot has enough volume to hold small plants and soil.

The good thing is that the pot can withstand a bearing capacity of up to 300g (weight of plants and soil) when it is magically suspended in the air.

As a DIY pot, the JU&MU brand doesn’t include any planting specifications, which means you can grow whatever you like. If gardening is not your thing try artificial bonsais, they are cute when placed in the pot.


4. TSY Floating Pot (Aesthetic Base)

TSY brand brags about its product’s longevity, physics-defying designs, quality, and magnificent colors. If you buy this pot, you are likely to enjoy all aspects of an artistic living room seasoned with DIY fun.

This cool-looking magnetic floating planter outwits its competitors with superior technology and material used in the making. Manufacturers chose plastic as their main material due to its reliable quality and ability to form hexagonal shapes. You can look at this shape from various angles since the pot not only suspends but rotates both clockwise and anticlockwise.

With a diameter of 1.97 and a height of 0.54 inches, the pot is big enough for small-sized plants. There is no harm in exploring different plant varieties as long as they are within the pot’s bearing capacity of 500g.

When ordering this pot on Amazon, stick to the TSY brand because their design specifications are correct and their pots have multiple applications. You can use them as gifts, decoration tools, or stress-relieving agents.


5. BandD Black Hexagonal Floating Plant Pot

This beautiful black color pot is so eye-catchy that it draws the attention of anyone who enters the room. Made with ABS material, this levitating pot is perfect for small plants, succulents, air-plant & even small bonsai trees.

Using it is simple. Plug the power cord (no internal battery involved), make your soil mix and plant the seeds/saplings inside and float it on the base. The pot floats about 3/4 of an inch i.e ~20mm above the base.

The product measures 7.7 inch Depth x 7.7 inch Width x 1.2 inch Height while weighing only 1.2 pounds. Because the unit is fairly large to hold plants, you can choose to plant your favorite bonsai to give the piece a personal touch.


6. Floateze Floating Rotating Plant Pot

Unlike any of the pots in this list, the one has sakura patterns on it. With pink and black patterns, the pot looks so beautiful, a perfect gift for anyone.

A very calming and gentle spin of this plant pot makes it an excellent home decor. It is easy to use, simply plug it into the power outlet, place the pot slowly an inch over the base and voila, the plant hovers and rotates 360 degrees automatically.

The pot is made of ABS material and weighs around 2lbs. It has a dimension of 1.81-inch pot height, 3.89-inch pot width. The base width is almost double that of the pot.


7. Flyte Lyfe Magnetic Floating Plant Pot

Flyte Lyfe is the only item on our list that is exclusively made of wood and silicon. Wood is easy to carve out unlimited designs, natural and grippy- all characteristics of Flyte Pots. The pot also has a distinctive reservoir, a feature that is giving it an upper hand.

The 12-sided pot gently rotates and effortlessly suspends itself on an oak wood base when switched on. The rotations unleash different shades providing a soothing surrounding for your home as you watch the plants twirl in the air from countless angles.

This cleverly designed planter has a reservoir for mitigating over-watering. The thoughtful innovation allows excess water to escape into inner miniature tanks.

This product is at the end because it is very expensive when compared with any other on this list.  Flyte is a reputable brand and they have many floating pots. The only negative is that their products are not so affordable.


These are some of our best recommendations. If I were to buy one for myself, I would definitely choose one with a wooden look and aesthetic design. Babook and E-18 products look perfect for me.