SORA – Reusable Planner for Life

SORA by IPPINKA is a reusable notepad planner that allows you to plan your days, whether for work, or pleasure. When you complete the tasks, simply erase the whiteboard and use the pages again.

Multi Sectional Planning

Multi-sectional planning allows for a professional, organized way to plan your days. You have the option of weekly, monthly, and yearly formats. Keep track of your fitness journey with the wellness tracker. The Habit Tracker allows you to start and track healthy habits over 66 days. You also get 18 extra pages divided into groups of 6 blank, dot grid, and lined pages.

unruled pages

Open Calendars

With a simple glance, you get all the information you need about your upcoming activities due to the open calendars. Create goals and celebrate your achievements within specific timelines. If you change your mind, simply erase and start the process again.

Innovative Binding System

The pages in the Notebook planner pages feature an innovative binding system, allowing you to customize it as you wish. If you want to bring individual pages together, simply remove them and put them in the spot you want. Removing the pages does not tear the holes, and putting them back into the binding is easy.

Dry Erase Pen

The SORA reusable planner comes with a Staedtler Lumocolor® correctable 305 F dry erase pen that is smudge-proof and dries quickly. It also features a wiper and fine tip for easy writing.


SORA notebook planner is durable and water-resistant due to the recycled plastic construction. Even with the plastic composition, the pages of flexible and thin, just like you would find in a traditional notebook.

Final Verdict

Even in this digital age, notebook planners are used extensively by many people. Personally, I use a boogie board to plan my schedule. It is because I can keep looking at it all day and be motivated. But SORA can make planning even easier. This reusable planner is convenient for anyone who likes to jot down things, or plan their days well in advance. It is attractive, durable, and erasable, meaning you can get years of usage out of it. It is definitely a good buy for anyone.

Sora is available online on their official website as well as ippinaka e-commerce site

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4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteI personally prefer a notebook planner instead of a digital one
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