purME – Air Tight Gas Mask for Everyday Wear

Face masks have become more important than people’s wallets these days. It has become hard to see someone’s face without a mask today. But not everyone likes wearing masks. They could be inconvenient, heavy, or ineffective. Thankfully, we have a cool face mask today. Meet purME, a gas mask that is comfortable that offers sufficient protection against viruses like COVID-19 and other pathogens. The purME gas mask promises protection against allergens, whether in droplet or allergen form. But does it deliver? Let us see.


purME gas mask features a one-way airflow. The exhaust filtration system eliminates particles, thereby ensuring you are breathing in clean air every time.


Comfort is a crucial consideration when wearing a facemask. The purME face mask has an ergonomic design. The valve makes it ideal for use in hot or humid conditions.

Putting on the ear straps triggers an airtight seal for extra protection. When not in use, utilize the detachable extension strap to hang it around your neck.

If you do not want to hide your face entirely, you have the option of purchasing the crystal clear purME mask.

Modular Respirator

You can disassemble this gas mask to change the filters. When you purchase the mask, you get N95 level HEPA filters. You can also upgrade to P100 by changing the canisters.

Easy to Maintain

One outstanding feature about the purME face-piece is that it is machine-wash friendly. For extra sterilization, you can wash it at a temperature of over 80 degrees.

Who should buy it?

Air pollution has become a real concern for everyone living in the present world. Those living in urban cities are especially at risk. The purME gas mask is, therefore, ideal for everyone. It is small in size and easy to store, making it excellent for anyone on the move.


  • N95 Protection
  • Silicon facepiece
  • LFGB grade silicone
  • Airtight seal
  • One way airflow
  • Splash proof
  • Ergonomic

Editor's Review
4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteCosting well under $50, this face mask is definitely worth it
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