Chipolo CARD Spot – Wallet Finder

I just came across this cool wallet finder that makes use of Bluetooth as well as Apple Find My Network to spot your wallet/smartphone or anything else and it costs well under $50. Meet Chipolo Card Spot, a credit card-sized finding device.

Chipolo CARD Smart Tracker

In-built Speaker

I wonder how they were able to integrate a speaker inside this credit card-sized device. Nevertheless, Chipolo card spot gives you a tone/alarm when it is out of range from your smartphone.

Left Behind Notification

For example, if you keep this device in your wallet and leave your wallet at a hotel, you are going to get notified as soon as your phone is beyond some distance from the device.

Bluetooth Connection

Chipolo card spot uses BT to connect to your phone and transfer data. The range is about 60 meters which is around 200ft which easily covers most homes.

Chipolo CARD SmartTracker

The battery is Not Replaceable

The device has a battery life of about 2 years but you cannot replace it. Once it is fully used, you can either send the whole device back to them to receive a 50% off on a new one or just discard the device. They pay the return shipping charges, which is great.

There are many more features such as Apple Find My Network, water resistance, etc. Visit here to know more.


  • Plays Sound/Alert
  • Supports Apple Find My Network
  • Notifies when the item is left behind
  • Water-Resistant
  • 2 years Battery Life (non replaceable)
  • 60m range
  • Bluetooth Connection

Editor's Rating
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteSuper thin, super useful, super affordable
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