Passport Pro – The Best Global Travel Adapter

Are you a travel freak? Always irritated by different plugs in different countries? Want a simple adapter that can take care of all the things?

Well, you are blessed. Introducing Passport Pro, the Safest Travel Adapter. What’s more than the travel adapter is that it comes with an auto-resetting fuse and is the first adapters in the world to do so. So no more worries about replacing a fuse. These adapters also have inbuilt USB output ports including USB-C port. It can charge 5 devices simultaneously reducing your hassles of charging.

Zendure Passport has a maximum output of 18W instead of traditional 5W decreasing your charging time by about 50% (provided your device supports fast charging). All these additional functionalities make this adapter a boon to travelers.

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  • Auto Resetting Fuse
  • 18W Maximum Output
  • Charge 5 devices simultaneously
  • Universal Power Delivery

4.2 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteA much needed adapter for Travelers!
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