XGIMI MoGo Pro – Portable HD Projector Under $500

Old-school projectors were cumbersome, difficult to operate and carried a very heavy price tag. First forward to the 21st century, Xgimi presents itself with the DNA of its predecessors but has a unique and contemporary design. Meet XGIMI MoGo Pro, a portable, aesthetic projector that produces a high-quality projection.

It has a speaker, USB ports, HDMI input and fine-tuned image enhancement features. In our Xgimi MoGo Pro review, we are going to break down some of these features and find out where its charming power lies.

Design and Build Quality

At a glance, MoGo pro is a stunning mini projector with executive functions. These projectors are transforming the world of screens to screen less in the most admirable way.

Just a reminder, MoGo is a compact projector, completely independent from the power source for several hours. Also, at a closer look at the projector’s color, it ranges from sparkling grey to white, nothing more.

Its philosophically designed and polished body takes the shape of a cylinder- smooth corners and well-fitting in your hands. There is no doubt that many buyers love smooth and sleek devices since MoGo is one of the most selling projectors in China.

On the semi-cylindrical side of sidewalls is sound exiting from speakers, which delivers a balanced and powerful sound. Xgimi MoGo Pro hosts everything a tech lad like me would wish to have. Pro is the world’s first-ever built 1080p Android TV portable projector, and with it comes stunning features.

Measuring 5.74″x 4.15″ x 3.72″ and weighing 2 lbs, Xgimi is highly portable. The small volume guarantees it can fit anywhere from stuffed camper backpacks to fully packed travel suitcases. The batteries are also light and power the MoGo for a long time, boosting the portability and usability of these projectors.

Full-HD Resolution

MoGo Pro has a full-HD 1080P resolution that delivers ultra-clear pictures and videos. It can take in 2k and 4k input but the output resolution is 1080P.

MoGo Pro on the right

While you can use different input sources to watch the videos, don’t forget to load the 16GB internal memory. This memory carries a good number of videos enough to last 30+ hours.

Android TV and Apps

Other than MoGo being a perfect office presentation tool, it has an arsenal of entertainment features you might not want to miss. As the name suggests, Xgimi Android is powered by Android TV, which is a textbook example of a fully-fledged entertainment system.

It has advanced further and comes with preinstalled apps like YouTube, Disney+, and TED for pure fun. To access YouTube and other apps, make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi.


Though MoGo Pro doesn’t work with Netflix natively, you can shift from apps to hardware. This 1080p projector has a number of input options, such as the HDMI port, which connects to a laptop.

The HDMI allows your projector to work with stubborn apps like Netflix via laptop perfectly. Log in to your Netflix account on your laptop and connect with the HDMI cable to the projector.

Apart from HDMI port, you also have a USB port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. So, you can plug a flash drive and stream the videos in it.


Assuming you want to watch The Dark Knights in your living room, the 300 ANSI Lumen power in MoGo produces clear images. The opposite also works perfectly during the night or in low-lit areas. The concept of explicit images and sharp contrast is illuminated by 2K and 4k inputs for quality video inputs which provide 225% sharper images than mainstream 720p.

Clear Images and Chromecast Support

Are you still struggling with tiny pictures on your phone? Get MoGo Pro and watch live-size photos and videos. Working with this projector is truly cool since the further you move it from the wall, the larger the picture. Pro users aren’t acquainted with blurred images caused by setting the projector far from the wall.

The instant 10000+ autofocus feature draws clear images, especially at corners hence removing the blurriness. Furthermore, the keystone correction sets the picture in a perfect shape. This architectural feature eradicates odd shapes most images of analog projectors take when cast on a rough surface.

Casting images on the wall is exciting! But using Chromecast to cast videos from your phone via the projector is another dose of entertainment Xgimi users discovered. It is easy to work around with an inbuilt Chromecast since it is pretty simple to connect and watch movies.

As a projector with Chromecast, you don’t need to tangle yourself with HDMI cables for connecting Xgimi to video sources!

Easy to Operate Using the Remote

MoGo is one of the many projectors that have remotes for convenience and easy operation. The remote is used to execute basic functions like pairing with Bluetooth devices. When pairing, press the’ return and home” buttons at once.

The projector will connect to any open device within 30 sec. Also, don’t forget to explore other buttons on the remote like power, HDMI, setting and volume.


Troubleshooting comes to play when your projector is “misbehaving,” and it can’t execute even the simplest commands. Though troubleshooting is a bit technical, on my side, I usually switch off the projector and remove the battery.

Then I press the start button for at least 30 sec. In most cases, mine usually works unless the projector has a problem with the hardware.

Final Verdict

Xgimi has been producing some high-quality projectors from a while. Unlike other companies, Xgimi’s projectors are very affordable. MoGo Pro, being their top seller, has an elegant design, impressive tech features, portability and mainly, has a decent price tag. MoGo Pro has rave reviews on Amazon and from all over the internet. If you are looking to get a portable projector that works with both Android and iPhone and supports Android TV among other popular apps, XGIMI MoGo Pro is a no-brainer. I would definitely go with this one.


  • 100+ Inch Projection
  • 1080P Resolution
  • 300 Lumens
  • Supports Android TV System
  • Chromecast Support
  • Voice Control via Google Assistant
  • Portable Design

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4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteI really loved the design and premium look of MoGo Pro
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