Ultraloq UL300 Multi-Point Smart Door Lock

This smart lock has so many features that I would be exhausted to write about. U-tec’s UL300 is a smart door lock for your home, office or anything that needs advanced security. This door lock has a stainless steel multi-point lock option with more than two locking mechanisms for advanced safety. The lock has Bluetooth and wifi options. The Bluetooth option is used to connect the lock to your smartphone while the Wifi is used to control the lock from anywhere in the world until there is an internet connection. The lock supports Google Assistant and Alexa too.

Ultraloq Ul300 Review

One thing that amazed me is the number of ways to unlock this smart lock. You can 6 different ways, what….Yes, you have the following six ways of unlocking it:

– Via your smartphone app
– Fingerprint Scanner
– Password or pin
– Contactless Key Fob (yes, like an RFID tag)
– Magic Shake where you shake your smartphone when nearby to open the lock
– Mechanical key (the old school way)

One of the other cool features that I want to mention is the ‘Anti-peep Touchscreen’.  This feature allows you to type any number of random digits and gain access as long as there is 1 correct password sequence embedded in the set of numbers you entered. This feature will be useful when you are surrounded by a bunch of people and don’t want to reveal your passcode to them.

UL300 Door Lock Review Ultraloq UL300 has all the features of a traditional smart lock, including features like two-factor authentication and guest access. UL300 is battery powered and the batteries are expected to last a year or so and of course, you can use your power bank in case if the batteries stopped working unexpectedly.

To conclude, UL300 smart door lock by U-tec is probably the most secure and feature-packed smart lock I have seen. Their locks have fantastic user ratings and reviews. You can definitely go ahead with the purchase if you are looking for the safest door lock with every feature that you can ever think of.

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  • Ultra Safe Multi-Point Locking
  • Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner
  • Anti-peep Touchscreen
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Up to 1 Year of Battery Life
  • 6 Ways to Operate (Entry)

Editor's Review
4.4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis ultra safe smart lock has everything from a fingerprint reader to an anti-peep touchscreen
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