Shine Bathroom Assistant Cleans Your Toilet Automatically

How many of you hate cleaning your toilet frequently? I know it sucks. That’s why I am here writing about a gadget called Shine that takes care of your toilet without your intervention. Considering that our days begin in the privacy of this room, the state we find it in can either turn us into instant vocalists or drastically ruin our day. Broken pipes, leakages, and unpleasant smells are the last thing you need when preparing to take on the world.

Shine Automatic Toilet Cleaner is undeniably a lifesaver when it comes to home automation. Shine automatically cleans your toilet by using Electrolyzed Water Technology that uses no chemicals but is extremely effective against bacteria. Shine is smart, it can be controlled with your Smartphone or Voice Assistant like Alexa. Once you give a command on the app or attempt to flush, Shine fills up the toilet bowl with electrolyzed water technology. This agent cleans and deodorizes your toilet simultaneously.

Setting up is a quick and easy process you can manage alone since no screws as needed. You simply place it on the toilet, fill its tank with water, and insert the eco-friendly cleaning pod. The water added lasts for a month, and so does the fully recyclable cleaning pod. Additionally, your maintenance bill is significantly reduced through Sam, Shine’s AI, and your exclusive plumber. Besides cleaning, he detects leaks, overflows, tracks water use, and diagnoses problems.

In short, Shine is a must-have home accessory not because it is smart, but because it can reduce a lot of work.

The product is no longer available anywhere. It was originally crowdfunded and was available on their official website ( before they disappeared.


  • Automatically Cleans Toilet
  • Water Leakage Detection
  • Auto Deodorizes
  • Chemical-Free Cleaning
  • 6 Month Rechargeable Battery
  • Smartphone App Integration

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Editor's QuoteThis toilet gadget makes things so easy and hassle-free
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