Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Printer

Prinker is a temporary tattoo printer that can print anything on your skin, be it your face, hands or literally anywhere on your body. It comes with a smartphone app where you can create/customize the design you want. Prinker also supports colored tattoo so you can print your dog’s face on your hand.

The gadget makes use of some sort of special ink which they say is safe for skin but I am not really sure of it. The tattoo may stay on your skin for around a day which is not that great but you have an option to have different tattoos every day which is cool. The method didn’t seem easy to me. It involved applying a liquid coat before and after using the device.


  • Wireless
  • 4hrs Battery Life
  • Temporary Tattoo
  • Can Print up to 1m in length and 1" width

Editor's Ratings
4.1 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis gadget looks cool but is it really safe to the skin?