LaserPecker Pro – Portable Laser Engraver

The LaserPecker Pro is one of the most convenient laser engravers you will find on the internet. The design is so minimalistic and simple, and not an eyesore like many other laser engravers out there. It’s great because this design makes it both compact and portable – the perfect fit for your bag!

Furthermore, the app really makes this engraver super easy to use. The in-app editor is incredibly useful when trying to ensure that engravings will be exactly as desired. Then, with the preview mode, the LaserPecker Pro enters before beginning every engraving by showing the engravings planned trajectory, you have nothing to worry about, assured that the device will engrave exactly as you want.

compact portable laser engraver

What’s more, the LaserPecker portable engraver is really safe to use. With the plug-and-play abilities of this portable engraver, one may expect some slack on safety, yet there is no such slack to be found. The engraver comes with both a support stand and a laser shield to ensure the user’s safety. These are great, for they too fold down into easily portable sizes. The device also has motion detection features, which shut the engraver down should it be accidentally knocked or moved in any way while in use. Ultimately, this device will not let the user down. It’s able to engrave on a wide variety of surfaces like wood, plastic, fabric, leather, and felt in such a safe way while remaining convenient, portable and easy to use. It’s great!



  • Engraves almost any surface
  • Foldable Design
  • Portable
  • Plug and Play
  • Control Designs with an App

Editor's Rating
4.2 / 5 Ratings

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