The Compact Travel Hoodie

When guys travel, one thing that is a must is a hoodie. Every man will have a collection of hoodies. Here is the one to add to your collections. This Hoodie – The Compact Travel Hoodie, is a cool and smart one. It regulates temperature, antibacterial, moisture-wicking,odor-resistant and you can wear it for years without washing! Yes, we are not joking. The manufacturers say that the hoodie can be worn without washing. All thanks to design and fabric. One more thing with this hoodie is compactness. Unlike traditional hoodies, it doesn’t occupy much space.
So a Perfect travel companion!? What do you guys say?


  • Odor resistant
  • Temperature regulating
  • Moisture wicking
  • Seamless pockets
  • Sleek black YKK inverted zipper
  • 97% ultra-fine Merino wool / 3% elastane for durability and stretch

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Editor's QuoteA perfect travel companion for guys


Simple Hoodie - Extraordinary Performance

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  Here's why The Compact Travel Hoodie will be the best hoodie you've ever traveled with:  
  • It’s mind-blowingly thin and light, yet super warm: Don’t let it’s lightweight fool you. Merino wool is a high performance insulator and body temperature regulator. Although this is one of the lightest hoodies you’ll ever put on - it stood up to our extreme tests, standing strong in the frigid cold Canadian winter.
  • It compresses to a small roll: Saving you tons of bag space compared to a traditional bulkier sweater.
  • It’s wrinkle resistant: That means it's great for packing. When you pull it out of your bag, it'll be good to go.
  • Antibacterial and odor-resistant: It stays clean and fresh without needing to be washed, even after months of wearing.
  • Fast drying & moisture wicking: That means you’ll always stay dry and comfortable.
  • Warm, yet breathable: Merino wool is a great insulator, but it’s also naturally breathable. That means your extra body heat will escape and you’ll never overheat.
  • Includes a carrying pouch for easy transport.
Smart Gadgets for Men Not to mention, it’s sleek, minimal and versatile design will have you looking great no matter where your travels take you. Over the past year, travelers in over 90 countries have come to wear and love Unbound Merino T-Shirts, socks and underwear - Now, the Unbound Merino Compact Hoodie is here to help you travel lighter and smarter.

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Packing light helps you helps you disconnect from the often cluttered and material world you left behind. Not to mention... Best Smart Hoodies

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Hoodie you can wear All Year without Washing!

That’s right! Because the Compact Travel Hoodie is antibacterial, moisture wicking and odor-resistant, our hoodie will stay clean and fresh month after month without needing a wash. That means you can drastically reduce how many warm threads you need to pack. This hoodie covers all your bases, and feels new and fresh every time you put it on. Plus, you won't have to visit the laundromat while trying to enjoy your vacation. Budget Friendly Smart Hoodies  

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