TRIO – Portable Dual & Triple Screen Laptop Monitor

There was a time when laptops were so bulky and carrying them was not convenient. But today, with the advancement of silicon technology, laptops have become thinner than ever. In reality, not only can you travel with your laptop but also with its accessories like a portable monitor. One such accessory is TRIO, a triple monitor system for your laptop. This revolutionary product features up to three screens that will offer you efficient multitasking as well as boost your productivity.

Trio Monitor Uses

Whether you are a stock trader, gamer, coder, entrepreneur, student, or even a working professional, the portable dual-screen laptop monitor is the answer to flawless multitasking. These monitors will effortlessly magnetize to your laptop, such that you can easily use them on the go.

Some of the most useful features of Trio are,

Triple/Dual Monitor Capabilities

You will love the fact that you just need to plug-and-play with this product, whereas your laptop is given the ability to have multiple screens. You will save a lot of time that is normally lost when scrolling through tabs as you work on your projects. You have the option of having a triple screen experience or a dual-screen experience.

Trio monitor for Laptops

Rotates and Slides Easily

With this laptop monitor accessory, you have the freedom of selecting the best viewing angle depending on what you are doing. You have the ability to achieve 270 degrees rotation, and 180 degrees when using a trio as they can fold to form a triangle that is convenient when carrying out a presentation.

Foldable monitor for Laptops

Lightweight and Compact

You do not have to worry about carrying this product around as its compact build makes it easy to carry it in your regular backpack. To be frank, the lighter your laptop is, the better. I have an MSI gaming laptop and it weighs around 4 pounds. So if your laptop is similar, it might be difficult to carry the monitor along with the laptop. But if you own a 2 in 1 or any other lightweight laptop then you will love the convenience of this Trio monitor.

Trio monitor in a backpack

TRIO products have received an amazing response from the online community. You can definitely give it a try if you are a hardcore multitasker who travels frequently.


  • Triple Screen Capability
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Energy Effecient
  • Up to 270° Rotation
  • Fits in a Backpack

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4.6 / 5 Ratings

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