Bob, the Mini Dishwasher with UV Disinfection

How cool would it be to have a dishwasher that can be moved around your house, can go with you on an RV and wash your dishes like a traditional one? That’s not all, how about disinfect the utensils with UV light? Sounds interesting right? Meet, Bob, the dishwasher.

Bob Dishwasher Controls

Weighing just around 20 lbs, Bob can be moved around with little effort. It has got a display, control buttons and a window to peep inside. Another cool feature of Bob is that it does not require any water attachments. Meaning, you can just pour some water on top and press the start button. Consuming only about 3 liters of water, Bob is very efficient.

Bob Dishwasher

Apart from dishwashing, it can also disinfect your utensils with its UV-C lights. This way, you know your plates and cups are not only clean and dry but also sanitized.

Bob Dishwasher View

Bob is a smart device, it connects to your Wifi and can be operated with a smartphone. There are many modes of operation. If you want to wash something quickly, you can do so with its quick wash option. It only takes a few minutes. Every cycle includes drying time as well.

Bob Dishwasher Racks

This mini dishwasher fits different types of utensils, cups, plates, spoons and even some cookware. For comparison, it fits 15 coffee cups and is ideal for the average daily usage of a 2 person household.

Bob Dishwasher Display

The power consumption of Bob is around 0.35kWh per cycle but it depends on different factors. The input power rating is 1000W so you can use it with a portable power station. Also, you can use any detergents with this dishwasher.

The side opening is only for demo purposes, the actual product will only have peeping glass at the front only.


  • Portable (10kg/22lbs)
  • Can Operate without Water Supply
  • Uses 5 times less water
  • Ultra-Fast
  • UV-C Module For disinfection (Premium)
  • Color Options to Choose From
  • Wifi Connected

Editor's Rating
4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteElegant looking, powerful and affordable. Bob is ideal for a small household.
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