ASMOKE AS300 Applewood Pellet Grill

If you are looking for a cool-looking portable BBQ grill, then you should probably check out Asmoke Grill. It comes with excellent features to help you enjoy delicious meals with sweet, smoky flavors, from 100 percent natural applewood pellets.

applweood pellets grill

With this unique grill, you can expect to create mouthwatering BBQ meals wherever you are without much strain. Some of the features that make it unique and worth the purchase include:

Portable grill

The compact size of this grill makes it easy to carry around as you enjoy delicious barbeques. You do not have to worry about having to carry around a bulky grill. This feature is particularly useful when you go out on a road trip or camping in your RV.

It uses lesser pellets

It is designed in a manner that allows it to get the job done with fewer pellets. This not only saves you on costs but is also great for our environment.

Auto-pellet reloading

You will love this feature that saves you time and is excessively convenient.

ASMOKE - Portable Applewood Pellet Grill

Other Incredible features include:

  • It provides pure Applewood flavor
  • It is a versatile pellet grill
  • It heats up to 15 percent faster
  • Excellent design

This versatile grill uses applewood pellets that are 100% natural. Benefits of the ASMOKE Applewood Pellet Grill include but not limited to the following

  • It helps to save more pellets
  • It provides consistent heating
  • It has a meat probe port that is easily programmable
  • Offers multiple cooking options
  • It helps you enjoy longer cookouts
  • It pairs well with anything
  • Excellent precision

ASMOKE pellet grill

How it Works

Here are some of the steps to take when you want to use this pellet grill:

1. Fill the hopper with the natural applewood pellets
2. Set your desired temperature
3. Grill – ASMOKE will automatically ignite so you can start grilling immediately.

From providing the best taste to delivering a faster to grill your meals deliciously, the ASMOKE Applewood pellet grill is an excellent item to have in your home.


  • Portable Design
  • Uses 20% Less Pellets
  • Auto Pellet Reloading
  • Consistent Heating

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