Although Air Purifiers were widely available in the market since the last decade, they have never been as popular as they are in this year, thanks to Covid 19. When it comes to indoor air purification systems, you have various options ranging from air purifiers to ionizers to ozone machines. All these are important in their own ways but today we are comparing two of the leading air purifiers in the market i.e AirSoap vs Molekule Air Mini. Both of these air purifiers cost you within $400 and has some good reviews.

The products being compared in this article are as follows. Make sure you are looking at the exact models.

AirSoap Air Purifier AirSoap Air Purifier Check Price
Molekule Air Mini Molekule Air Mini Check Price

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Design and Build Quality

AirSoap has a rectangular box type look with a measure of 21.06-inch height, 10.25-inch wide and 10.6-inch deep. It has a plastic body with a matt finish making it easy to clean. With a size of mid-air filter, AirSoap has handles on either side which makes it easier to carry around. The air intakes are located at the sides and on the back offering a bar graph-style design.

On the other hand, Molekule Air Mini has a cylindrical look with a dimension of 12-inch height and 8.25 inches in diameter. With a plastic body, air mini has a 360° air intake at the bottom and outflow at the top. Air Mini only weighs 7.3 lbs which is easy to carry around.

AirSoap Air Mini
Dimensions (inches) 21h x 10.25w x 10.6deep 12h x 8.25 diameter
Body ABS Plastic with matt finish ABS Plastic
Shape Rectangular/cuboidal Cylindrical


When it comes to purification functionality, both perform differently and uses their own technologies. AirSoap uses something called Electric Wind Technology, which creates the plasma field and kills all the bacterias and viruses passing through it. This is where AirSoap differs from traditional HEPA air filters that just remove virus and bacteria but doesn’t kill them.

AirSoap (Left) vs Air Mini (Right)

Also, AirSoap uses filterless graphene plates which are washable to collect the contaminants. There is a notifier that says when to wash dry the filter and it’s a pretty simple system. This air purifier has the capacity to filter particles as small as 14nm which includes SARs which is special. The company says that it was able to kill 99.99% of viruses in their tests.

AirSoap works well for up to 400square feet but doesn’t remove smell/odor from the air.

According to the company, AirSoap is capable of killing Cornavirus

Molekule Air Mini uses PECO technology which stands for Photo Electrochemical Oxidation. It uses UV-C light filters to break down the bacteria, viruses and allergens at a molecular level. Air Mini also kills the virus or bacteria and their company says, it is capable of capturing 90% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns which is quite less I feel. Also, it is recommended only up to 250square feet.

AirSoap Air Mini
Technology Electric Wind Technology PECO
Suitable for 400sq feet 250sq feet

Final Verdict

If you are on the final verge of making the decision and want to choose between these two, I feel AirSoap is superior because it performs better on large areas and can purify better than the Air Mini. On the flip side, Air Mini is super portable and has a beautiful design. If you live in a small space (studio apartment), there is nothing wrong with purchasing Air Mini. But if you live in a larger area, say 2 bedroom apartment, AirSoap is better.

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