Ecoflow recently released DELTA 2 MR300 portable power station which is a successor to their most popular Delta 1300 series. There are many similarities and even more differences. In this comparison, let us dive deep into it and see which is a better and worthier buy.

So let us try to understand the key upgrades from DELTA to DELTA 2 and see if it is a worthy successor.

The models being compared are as follows:

EF ECOFLOW DELTA 2 Portable Power Station, 1024Wh LiFePO4... Delta 2 Best Price Here
EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station DELTA, UPS Power Supply 1260Wh... Delta 1300 Best Price Here


First Impression

Not a lot has changed when you compare both models. DELTA 2 seems to be quite bigger than its predecessor DELTA to the naked eye.  EcoFlow seems to have retained the original design and color combination. They both look identical except for the ports.

Input MQTT and AC Ports along with an overload switch at the back of DELTA are moved towards the side of DELTA 2. This is a good change as you need not worry about handling the wires if there is a tiny space.

The above picture shows the side view of Delta where you can find three ports that are now being moved to the back in Delta 2 (see picture below)

Delta 2 Input Ports

Delta 2 Input ports moved to side

In addition to it, you can now see a new battery extender port at the back of DELTA 2 allowing you to connect to an external battery. Let us see more about this in the next section.

The traditional 60W USB-C ports are upgraded to 100W USB-C ports which is a good thing. A new on/off switch has been added to the cigarette and dc ports for better control.

Also, EcoFlow seems to have tweaked the power-on button to a gold color for clear visibility.

EcoFlow Delta EcoFlow Delta 2
Battery Capacity 1260Wh 1024Wh
Weight 30. 9 lbs. 27 lbs.
Output Ports  13 outputs for multiple devices 13 outputs for multiple devices 
AC Power Outlets 6x AC outlets, 1800W each 6x AC outlets, 1800W each
USB-C Port 2 ports 60W Max 2 port 100W Max
Life Cycle  800+ cycles to 80% capacity (NCM Battery) 3000+ cycles to 80% capacity (LFP Battery)
Digital Display Yes  Yes
Cell Type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Solar Bundles Available? Limited Many (see all bundles)
User Manual Manual Manual

Delta vs Delta 2

Battery Capacity and Power

Not a lot has changed when it comes to batteries. But there are some improvements that can be seen. Both DELTA and DELTA 2 have a power capacity of 1800W. But DELTA 2 can power devices up to 2200W, thanks to X-boost technology.

When it comes to battery capacity, DELTA 2 has a slightly lesser capacity(1024Wh) which reduces the run time of electrical machines. To counter this, EcoFlow has created an ecosystem, where you can connect additional batteries of Delta 2 (+1kWh)  or Delta Max Battery (+2kWh) via XT150 cable(DC cable). These batteries come with an additional cost. Using this you can boost your DELTA 2 capacity to 2kWh or 3kWh.

DELTA 2 Expandable Battery

Delta 2 Expandable Battery System

Ecoflow Delta  EcoFlow Delta 2
Power 1800W 1800W (X-Boost upto 2200W)
Battery capacity   1260Wh 1024Wh
Battery Life Cycle  800+ cycles to 80% capacity (NCM Battery) 3000+ cycles to 80% capacity (LFP Battery)


EcoFlow is known for fast charging. And this continues with DELTA 2 as well.

Here is a comparison of DELTA and DELTA 2 charge times.

EcoFlow Delta EcoFlow Delta 2
 0 – 80% 60 mins 50 mins
80 – 100% 96 mins 80 mins
Solar Panel Capacity 400W 500W
Optional Accessories

(view full list here)

Ecoflow Solar Panels (400W, 220W, 160W and 110W) D2 Smart Extra Battery

Max Smart Extra Battery

Ecoflow Solar Panels (400W, 220W, 160W and 110W)

Also, the charging cycles have significantly increased, thanks to its LPF battery. It has nearly 3x more life and definitely long-lasting than DELTA.

With DELTA 2, you are now able to connect your smartphone to the power station where you can control many options and also get various information such as input power, output power, charge information, etc. For detailed app features, refer to the manual here.

Delta vs Delta 2: Which one to consider?

It is a no-brainer to get Delta 2 over the previous model mainly because of the feature updates and options to expand the storage over time.

If you are wondering about the ~240Wh battery difference, I suggest not to worry about it, it does not make a dent in usage.

If I am buying one today, I will definitely get the Delta 2

Alternative: A good alternative to Ecoflow Delta 2 is Jackery 1000 PRO 

You may also watch the official comparison video from Ecoflow