Wicue Smart Ski Goggles

Skiing is fun but it could be even better if you are equipped with smart goggles that can auto-dim the lights and let you ski peacefully without having to worry about sharp lights, glares and fog. Meet Wicue smart ski goggles.

Wicue Smart Tinted Ski Goggles
light sensor

Wicue is equipped with a light sensor that can detect the intensity of light falling on the goggles. If it is too bright, then the glasses automatically dim to balance the intensity. This lets you avoid sharp lights that you sometimes get during the day from the sun rays sneaking from those clouds. The dimming happens in 0.1 seconds so you don’t even notice it happening.

Wicue Anti Fog Smart Goggles

The goggles require no battery for its operation. So, no charging, no messy wires. The ultrawide glass area is coated with anti-fogging material that prevents fogging inside and outside.

These snow goggles are best for snowboarding as well as skiing. Although I did not test them during skiing, I tested their auto-dimming feature at CES with the help of a battery. It worked as advertised. These smart goggles are comfortable too.

Wicue Smart Goggles


  • Anti Fog Coating
  • Intelligent light switching and dimming
  • UV Protection
  • Ultra-wide view
  • Solar Powered with no battery required
  • Impact-resistant

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Editor's QuoteThis will be a great gift idea for snowboarders and skiers
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