PowerEgg X Waterproof Drone + Handheld Camera

Powervision, one of the popular drone manufacturers showcased their newly released multipurpose gadget/drone/camera (whatever it is) called PowerEgg X during the CES 2020 event. It was love at first sight, look how cool and compact it looks. PowerEgg X is not only a drone but also a handheld camera. So when you are in a drone restricted area, just take off the wings and put on the strap, as easy as it sounds. Another go-to feature is that the drone is waterproof.




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You might be knowing, there are not a lot of drones that are waterproof, not even water-resistant. I personally have a Mavic Pro and every time I fly it during monsoon, my nerves will be shaking.

Power egg X has a maximum range of 3.5 miles which is around 5.6 kilometers. It has a 30 minutes battery backup which is phenomenal when compared to its size.

It comes with different add-ons such as a hand strap, mini tripod module, etc. I bet this gadget will be one of the best 2020 releases. The video quality, ease of use and smart features will be out in a few days after some hands-on reviews.


  • Waterproof
  • Video Voice Sync
  • Convertible to handheld camera
  • Intelligent Flight Controls
  • 4K Video and 3 Axis Gimbal

Editor's Review
4.9 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuotePoweregg X is definitely going to be one among the top 3 drones of 2020