DAWN – A Cool Versatile Tech Backpack

Whether you are traveling, commuting to work, going about your daily activities, or even getting down with your photography work, the DAWN Backpack is your ideal partner. It has a revolutionary storage system coupled with other amazing features that ensure your life is much easier. The all-in-one design makes it one of the fewest backpacks that are capable of multipurpose use.

DAWN Gadget Backpack

With so many dedicated pockets, DAWN backpack is ideal for gadget lovers (like me!). It is designed in a manner that allows you to be very organized as you carry various items with you. You are able to easily store items that you need to use on a day to day basis, and you also get to access them effortlessly too.

Some of the useful features of DAWN urban backpack include,

Protective Chamber for the Laptop

This chamber has particularly been designed waterproof and can hold a laptop as big as 15.6’’. You have the ability to access this laptop on the go without having to undergo any hustle.

If you have a 17.3″ laptop like mine, avoid this backpack and get one of these instead

Advanced Tech Pockets

It features some cool tech systems such as hidden charging cable that is compatible with many devices. You are always ready to charge your electronic items that use a retractable charging cable on the go. It also features a compartment whereby you can easily store your power bank, such that you are ready to power your gadgets on the go.

Also, the dedicated camera bag lets you store your DSLR camera, lens or a drone securely. The best part, you can separate the camera bag and take it with you while keeping the backpack somewhere else.

Compact Design

This beautifully designed all in one backpack will be looking elegant while you carry all the luggage you require for your trip. As much as it looks sophisticated to the eye, it really gets the job done. You are able to carry so much more with this compact, but effective DAWN travel backpack.

DAWN is the best gadget backpack you will find at this price point

DAWN backpack review
Convertible & Compact Design

There are so many other features that might be helpful to you. To conclude, having an all-in-one backpack like DAWN is so convenient as you can literally use it for any purpose, be it work or travel. Moreover, if you carry a lot of tech gadgets like a camera, drone, gimbal, batteries, etc, DAWN is perfect for you.


  • Lots of Pockets
  • Reflective Bike Lights
  • Waterproof Zipper
  • Side Handle (convertible design)
  • Retractable Keychain and Charging Cable

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Editor's QuoteDAWN is one of the coolest gadget backpacks I've seen. If you watch the video, you can't resist buying it
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