TimeFlip 2- A Gadget to Hack your time

Have you ever wanted to improve your productivity? Let me put it in another way, have you ever wanted to minimize wasting time? if yes, this product is for you. Introducing TimeFlip 2, a gadget that can enhance your day to day work not only by keeping track of what you are doing but also pushing you to be productive.

You ask how? let me explain, assume you are checking your email and you have 15 minutes to spend on it but it is certain that our mind wanders every now and then. What is the advantage of Timeflip 2 then? Well, it is a cubicle shaped device with different modes on its surface. So if you are checking emails, put the surface with email symbol on top, that’s it. The lights on the gadget blink until 15 minutes and thus pushing you to finish off your work (checking emails in this case)faster. If you were to boost your productivity beyond your scope of thinking, this time tracking gadget is for you.


  • Embedded LED
  • Pomodoro Timer
  • Integrated Data Analytics
  • Web Interface to Track Progress

Editor's Ratings
4.4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteTimeflip 2 is a super useful tool to enhance your productivity
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