Samsara Smart Suitcase

In this post, we are checking out a cool suitcase that has a ton of smart features inside it. Samsara luggage produces a range of smart suitcases/luggage. This smart luggage by Samsara has an onboard GPS device that can track the location of the luggage throughout the globe. As per the information, their GPS system does not require any SIM cards or internet connection for the transmission which is kinda strange yet cool.

The suitcase also has a 10000 mAh power bank and a wireless charging surface where you can recharge your smartphone. The top surface of the suitcase is flat thereby allowing you to use it as a laptop stand. It is a 38L bag that can easily go into an airplane’s cabin.

Samsara suitcase connects to your phone via Bluetooth (BT 5.1). Every electronic aspect of the suitcase meets airline regulations so that you can easily carry it around without hassles. The travel suitcase also has basic options like distance alert, find my suitcase, suitcase open alert etc. The suitcase is said to have a WiFi hotspot service too but I don’t have much info about it.

The look of the luggage is amazing, I personally loved the Yellow color. The casing is good too. In conclusion, this suitcase is one of the smartest carry-on luggage for frequent airplane travelers.


  • Flat Surface charging dock station
  • Inbuilt power bank of 10000mAh
  • GPS Enabled
  • Wireless Charging

Editor's Review
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis suitcase is one of the coolest carry-on luggage I have seen
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