As the world progress, we expect things to be concise and smart. In order to compete in this market, new innovations are coming into existence every now and then. One of such amazing products is this iPhone accessory. Meet icuero, one of the thinnest and super convenient iPhone Wallet Stand.

If you are wondering about the compatibility, this wallet can be used for iPhone X, Xs, XR, XS MAX, 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, and 6s. We tested it with iPhone 8 plus and iphone 11 icuero wallet

iPhone 8 icuero version, this is the reason for misaligned joints. With that being said, let’s dive right into the package.

What is in the Box?

The wallet stand comes in a simple box that includes,

·        1 X icuero wallet

·        2 X Transparent films (For glassy back)

·        1 X Magnet

·        1 X User Manual

Design and First Impression

The front face of wallet features a Shiny surface with a good grip. This part of wallet faces the hand. Hence the grip surface makes sense and it’s perfectly blended. The icuro logo is imprinted at the bottom left of the wallet. If you notice clearly, you can find a slide pocket for the credit/debit cards to fit in. The wallet stand does not weigh much and I think its probably the thinnest wallet stand in the market.

           The above image gives you an idea of how thin the stand is. You can observe that this iPhone Wallet Stand doesn’t make your phone bulkier at all. This can be attached to a glass finished body or to an existing back case.

The backside of wallet comes with a smooth surface and on top of it, there is a 3M adhesive tape to stick it to your iPhone. (It is very important to note that the adhesive is for one-time use only. So if you mess things up, you might be unlucky)

For those who already have a phone case, you can directly remove the adhesive tape and place it on the iPhone. In case if you are not having any back cover or case, you should make use of transparent films which is provided to stick it to the phone.

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Is icuero Wallet Stand Useful?

This question comes to almost everybody’s mind before you purchase. So let’s examine.

The main purpose of this gadget is to serve as a stand for your smartphone. You can use it horizontally or vertically as per your need. One important feature that the manufacturer mentions that this wallet helps you to reduce the neck pain. But how? They say you can use the stand to fix your phone somewhere so that you don’t need to touch it while watching a video or a movie. That’s actually true but don’t you think every smartphone stand does that? This feature is as naive as it can be, as per my view.

The stand also helps you to take stable pictures and videos which could otherwise be shaky.

Well, we are missing the most important application which the wallet can serve and that’s a special pocket to store cash, credit cards or small paper receipts. This is by far the best feature of icuero.

How does it feel?

We tried this wallet with an iPhone 8 plus. The above image shows the wallet before fixing it to the mobile. For the glossy back, they have provided a thin film in order to avoid the residues of adhesive. This idea is fabulous and is definitely helpful. The magnet should be fixed at the bottom part of the wallet and the other side of the magnet has adhesive.

At first, I thought that this case might look smaller on an iPhone 8 Plus but it proved wrong. Attaching the wallet case didn’t make my phone bulky, it does made the phone look kinda crappy but I will take it. The vertical stand may be a problem at the beginning just because it has rigid bending angles. But after using the phone for a couple of days, I was used to it. You can fit in any credit or debit card, business cards and even cash bills without issues. A big thumbs up for this feature.


Pricing and Availability

icuero wallet is available on their official website and is currently priced at around $23. If we think about the price, it is not at all overpriced. In fact, most of the iPhone back cases are priced in the same range. But we won’t tell you that it’s cheaper but it’s not extravagant at the same time.


Final Verdict

If you are looking for a back cover or a stand for your iPhone, I would recommend this gadget because it could serve both the purpose. If you are particularly looking for a back cover, just for protection, icuero is not for you.

icuero wallet size



Final Verdict

If you are looking for an iPhone wallet case or a stand, then you should definitely check out this gadget. Not a must-have iPhone accessory but a totally useful tool for iPhones.