Quantity Controlled Kitchen Faucet

Moen Smart Kitchen Faucets

What if you can control your kitchen faucet with your voice? How about asking Alexa to dispense 100ml of 110°F water? With Moen Faucets, you can do it all. Moen has tens of varieties of smart faucets but the smart ones stand apart. Especially, the ones with motion sensors.

Moen Sto - Kitchen Faucet

While I was at CES 2022, I got a chance to have a hands-on experience with Moen Neo and Moen Sto and in this article, we are gonna see about them. Both Moen Sto and Neo are smart faucets, they connect to your wifi and can be controlled from anywhere. Not just that, these faucets feature MotionSense technology. Just by your Gestures, you can control the faucet.

Sto Smart Kitchen Faucet

The Gesture control is quite amazing. You waive your hand over the sensor and the faucet is on, you give it a contactless hi-five and the water flow stops. This gesture control involves no touch. So, even if your hands, both of them, are dirty, you can still wash them off without even touching the faucet.

Temperature Controlled Kitchen Faucet

Apart from gestures, you can also control the faucet with your smartphone. Moen smart water app not only helps you with that but also tells you about your water usage and other stats (it does not give you water quality though). Moen Smart Faucets work with voice assistants too, you can do ‘ok google, ask Moen to dispense one cup of water’. When I tested the product, I was quite amazed at its precision. If you ask 100ml, you will get exactly 100ml.

Moreover, you can also control the water temperature. If you want the water at 100°F, you just ask Moen to do so. If you are like me who finds it hard to get the optimal water temp by tuning hot & cold handles, this feature of Moen will be very useful to you.

Sto - Kitchen Faucet

Just like any other traditional faucets, you have the handle control and retractable head. These faucets are spot resistant too, say no to all those fingerprints and water spots.

You can also find Moen faucets on Homedepot, check here.

unique kitchen gadgets

Foldable Plastic Chopping Board #Kitchen Gadget

While I was searching for some kitchen gadgets that I wanted to gift my Mom, I came across this cool chopping board that I thought is a bang for its usefulness. You can chop the vegetables, meat or whatever you want using this cutting board and can directly pour it into the cooking vessel. As easy as it sounds.
The main catch between the traditional cutting board and this board is the foldable feature. It allows you to fold the board and collect all the pieces that you had cut and thus help in minimizing the wastage which would have otherwise happened with a traditional board.
Costing well under $10, this kitchen gadget looks absolutely worth it.
kitchen timer amazon

Vegetable Shaped Mechanical Kitchen Timer

If you are someone who forgets everything, this kitchen timer is for you. The Golandster timer comes in cute vegetable shapes and the timer goes up to 60 minutes. Since it is mechanical, there is no need for batteries. Also, this kitchen tool is so cheap that you can grab one for less than $10.

How to Use?

To set time, you need to turn it clockwise to your desired time stamp (max 60 minutes). This enables the mechanical rotor to get the necessary clockwork power which slowly turns in the anti-clockwise direction until the desired time is hit.

coolest kitchen gadgets accessories

Clip on Strainer – Useful Kitchen Gadget

This amazing kitchen tool is an extremely useful product if you are like me who always slips some fruits or veggies while cleaning them. It always happens to me when I am soaking fruits or veggies. This accessory is a perfect match to minimize these losses while washing food. Here are the product features, you might know.

  • The specially designed clips will fit nearly all round pots, pans, and bowl (even the ones with a lip).
  • Completely BPA Free, Dishwasher safe and FDA approved. Made from top-quality silicone only the original Snap’n Strain will have the durability to last for many years. Will withstand the straining of heavier foods like potatoes.

This product is priced at around $15 but I am pretty sure it is on Aliexpress for $3 because its just a piece of silicone.


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Nano Garden – Indoor Hydroponic Garden

I am a huge fan of Hydroponics, I myself have one at home and I love it. It is very cool to see plants growing in front of you, inch by inch. And I found the germination rate is higher compared to traditional soil-based. While I was at CES this year, I came across this beautiful indoor garden that is aquaponic based. Meet Nano Garden by Pret a Pousser.

Nano Garden

Nano is a compact indoor garden made for home or office. With its elegant design, Nano is a great home decor. There are so many indoor garden systems out there but what I like the most with Nano is its cool design. The build quality is amazing. You would know this if you were to get your hands on the gadget. The product comes in different colors too.

Nano Garden Hydroponic design

As I mentioned before, Nano is a hydroponic garden. No soil, no nutrient solution, just water. The one I have at home needs nutrient solution once in a while but since Nano comes with a pod, everything is included in it. You will have to add the water on top once every 4 weeks.

Nano Garden Seeds

The pod includes seed, nutrients and a growing medium. Each pod costs between $4 and $8 and can be purchased from the same company. But if you don’t want to spend money on these pods, you can also grow in your own way. You just have to add nutrients and other stuff manually. The company does not recommend this way.

Nano Garden Compostable Pods

There are three holes on the pod and all three contain the same seed. This type of design gives you that thick shrub look when the pants are grown up.

Nano Garden Grow Light

Moreover, Nano connects to your phone and they have an app to monitor the device and change light settings. Depending on what plant you are growing, the app can automatically control the light intensity and duration. Also, the lights are height adjustable. Nano Garden is USB powered so you can easily power it with just a power bank.

You can find more info on the product here. It is currently available in the European market and will be available in the US soon. They also sell another garden named Lilo which is made for the kitchen. You can find that on their website too.

Nano Garden - Smart Indoor garden

Townew T1 – Smart Trash Can

Trash cans might not be an exciting thing; however, it plays a significant role in our kitchens. Furthermore, trash cans have come a long way, and nowadays, we have smart trash cans available in the market, and the TOWNEW T1 is one example. In this article, we shall be discussing TOWNEW T1 trash can features and what makes it stand out from other trash cans in today’s market.

Let us now look at some of the cool features of this smart trash can

Self Sealing

The first smart feature that I am going to talk about is self sealing capability. With the click of a button, this smart trashcan automatically seals the bag and gets it ready to dispose of. All you have to do is pick it up and throw it away. Please note that Townew uses their own trash bags which come in the form of a refill ring. Each ring consists of several bags, say 25.

[su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/dAZemohmgfU" width="460" height="340"]

Self Changing

This smart device also has the ability to self-change the bags when the older one is sealed. This makes the whole process of getting rid of your trash much easier. Whenever you take out the old bag for disposal, Townew automatically inserts a new, empty bag in the bin. So, there is no manual work involved at all. How convenient is that…

Motion Sensing

There are so many motion sensing trash cans in the market but Townew is probably the only one that has both motion sensing and self-changing. The T1 smart trash can is equipped with an in-built motion sensor that dismisses the need to touch the bin itself, making it a touchless trash can. The motion sensor fitted in this trash can helps in minimizing the spread of harmful pathogens.

Durable bags

TOWNEW T1 trash can has been designed to operate using refill rings, each equipped with 25 recyclable and highly durable trash bags. The bags are recyclable as well. One concern of mine was with the refill ring. It is made of plastic or some other material that creates a lot of waste. But luckily, Townew also has a biodegradable version which is amazing. If I ever get this bin, I would go with the biodegradable refill ring.

Keep in mind: This trash can may not work with other bags. So, you should be ready to spend money on their refill rings every time. This is a recurring revenue model. You need to know this before purchasing.


Townew supports up to 4 gallons of wastes in its bag. I know, 4 gallons is not at all sufficient for residential use but may be perfect for office or bathroom or bedroom use.

Final Verdict

This cool-looking trash bin not only has motion sensing but also other smart features like self-sealing and self-changing which makes this a smart home device. The capacity may be a bit low if you are considering it for home but is perfect for office purpose. Costing well around $100, this gadget is one of the coolest gifting ideas as well.

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