Moen Smart Kitchen Faucets

What if you can control your kitchen faucet with your voice? How about asking Alexa to dispense 100ml of 110°F water? With Moen Faucets, you can do it all. Moen has tens of varieties of smart faucets but the smart ones stand apart. Especially, the ones with motion sensors.

Moen Sto - Kitchen Faucet

While I was at CES 2022, I got a chance to have a hands-on experience with Moen Neo and Moen Sto and in this article, we are gonna see about them. Both Moen Sto and Neo are smart faucets, they connect to your wifi and can be controlled from anywhere. Not just that, these faucets feature MotionSense technology. Just by your Gestures, you can control the faucet.

Sto Smart Kitchen Faucet

The Gesture control is quite amazing. You waive your hand over the sensor and the faucet is on, you give it a contactless hi-five and the water flow stops. This gesture control involves no touch. So, even if your hands, both of them, are dirty, you can still wash them off without even touching the faucet.

Temperature Controlled Kitchen Faucet

Apart from gestures, you can also control the faucet with your smartphone. Moen smart water app not only helps you with that but also tells you about your water usage and other stats (it does not give you water quality though). Moen Smart Faucets work with voice assistants too, you can do ‘ok google, ask Moen to dispense one cup of water’. When I tested the product, I was quite amazed at its precision. If you ask 100ml, you will get exactly 100ml.

Moreover, you can also control the water temperature. If you want the water at 100°F, you just ask Moen to do so. If you are like me who finds it hard to get the optimal water temp by tuning hot & cold handles, this feature of Moen will be very useful to you.

Sto - Kitchen Faucet

Just like any other traditional faucets, you have the handle control and retractable head. These faucets are spot resistant too, say no to all those fingerprints and water spots.

You can also find Moen faucets on Homedepot, check here.


  • Control Water by Handle, Voice, App or Gesture
  • Faucet Pulldown Hose and auto retract
  • Dispense water at desired temperature and quantity
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible

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Editor's QuoteBoth hands dirty? Just wave at Moen. The touchless operation is so cool.
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