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Smart weighing scales are on the market for a long time now but have you heard of a weighing scale that can do ECG (electro cardiogram)? Not just that, how about nerve activity assessment?

Meet Body Scan by Withings which not only has the above features but also many more cool features. Withings is a reputable brand that has been producing some of the most useful health & fitness gadgets. I personally got a chance to see this scale at CES 2022 and test it for a bit.

Withings Body Scan

Let us now have a look at some of the features of this smart scale. For full details, I recommend checking out the product page.

Smart Device

Withings body scan is a smart device that connects to your Wifi. This means you can monitor the data from anywhere until you have an internet connection. This feature is particularly helpful if you buy this product for an elderly person so that you can monitor their health and fitness from wherever you are located.

Apart from Wifi, you can also connect to this device via Bluetooth and use their smartphone app to monitor your health.

Advanced Health Measurements & Analytics

Withings body scan is the world’s first smart scale with ECG feature. It can also measure Segmented Body Composition and asses Nerve activities. Using it is as simple as any other scale, stand on it and hold the handlebar with your hands. Wait for a few seconds and you are done. The handlebar is used to pass an electric current through your body for accurate measurement of health data. Traditional scales only use surface conductors that only send electricity through your lower body.

WithingsWith Withing’s smartphone app, you can easily keep track of your health records, trends and get in-depth analytics of how your metrics (like body weight, fat, ECG, etc) are over time. The app also recommends you best practices to improve your health.

Withings Health Gadget

Rechargeable Battery

Withings Body Scan features a rechargeable battery that can last for about a year on a single charge. Of course, this depends largely on the usage. But unlike many other smart weighing scales, you don’t have to replace the batteries when it is dead. Instead, you can recharge it with a USB C input.

Withings Health Scan

Data Sharing with Your Physician

This is a very useful feature. This smart scale not only lets you see your metrics but also shares it with your physician for a further look. The next time when you take a reading of your ECG and find something anomalous, you can send it to your doctor in one click and he/she can take a deeper look into it.


  • ECG, Segmental Body Composition and Nerve Activity Assessment
  • Dedicated Smartphone App with Health insights
  • 12 Month Battery Life
  • Smart Device, connects over Wifi or Bluetooth
  • You can add up to 8 user profiles

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Editor's QuoteECG scanning and Nerve activity monitoring are the coolest features any smart scale could have
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