WiFi Smart Plug with Power Monitor


Making your Home smarter sounds exciting, is it not? Here is a must have Gadget that could make your life easier. Integrating this wifi smart plug in your home allows you to control any of your equipment from anywhere in the world. You can monitor the power usage, schedule the on-off time and what not. Here are some of its features you might find useful.

  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. Power your devices without lifting a finger. 
  • Track power usage for connected devices and figure out which devices use the most energy. You can effectively cut your usage so that you can save money on your next electric bill
  • Easy to install and stable connection. Controlled from different devices and manage your home on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere
  • Get ready to have a smart home and create a customized schedule to automatically turn on and off any home electronics or appliances such as lamps, lighting, coffee maker and possible every electronic gadget.


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