Nix – Portable Washing Machine with Dryer

If you ever wanted to own a portable washing machine with a dryer, look no further. Meet Daily Neaty NIX, the smallest drum washing machine dryer for small clothes. As mentioned, this not only washes the clothes but also dries them fully so you can wear them right away. Let us see some of its cool features.

Smallest Nix

Washing + Drying

Normally you wash your clothes first and then dry them by manually putting them in the dryer. But with NIX, you don’t have to do that. It first washes and then dries the clothes automatically with no human intervention.

Daily Neaty Nix Washing Machine

Smart Device

NIX connects to your smartphone and they have a smartphone app through which you can control or access the device and its data. It supports voice control too.

Works with any Detergent

This portable washing machine works with any detergent brand/ type but they do sell their own detergents if you want. They sell the detergents as capsules which go into a dedicated spot on the machine. All other detergents go directly inside the machine.


Weighing just around 13 kg, you can easily move this around your home or even take it with you in your luggage. If you are flying, check with your airlines.

Daily Neaty Smallest Washning Machine

Future Firmware Updates

Since NIX is a smart device, it can be connected to your phone. Just like you update your smartphone, you can update the firmware of this device in the future. The company said it will be releasing software updates in the future.

Power Consumption

The device only consumes about 500W power during its operation. That means you can easily hook it up with a power station and power it even on top of a mountain (provided water of course!).

Nix Washing Machine

This product is currently available in Asia but will be launched in the US soon


  • In-built Dryer
  • 4 Modes
  • Exclusive Capsule Detergent
  • Power Consumption~1500W
  • Weighs 13kg
  • Smartphone app, Voice Control

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Editor's QuoteYou can easily carry this in your luggage
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