MyOneo – Smart Wine Scanner

Are you tired of buying the same wine bottle with the same taste from the same winery? Most people lack the knowledge and experience in wine tasting and wine varieties. As a result, they fail to enjoy the sweetness and joy of wine. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to technology, you can now buy a smart wine scanner that will help you know the quality of your wine and also recommends other similar wines in the world.

MyOneo is the world only wine scanner that extracts all the relevant information about your wine, allowing you to develop pro wine tasting skills right at the comfort of your home.

Smart Wine Scanner

This wine scanner is easy to use and gives accurate results. You only need to dip the scanner in a glass of vino, and the wine results are sent to your phone. The device uses visible and near-visible spectrum analysis to determine the nature of the wine. The MyOneo algorithm is able to know the characteristic of the wine based on the emission and absorption of a specific wavelength.

This smart wine scanner lets you know the strength, tannins, acidity, evolution, and maturity of the wine. The feature we like about this wine scanner is the ability to add your preference in tags. By tagging your preferences, the MyOneo can track and build a personalized database of the wine you like and dislike.


This scanner saves you from buying wine that you will not enjoy, thus saving you money. We like the fact that it supports many languages such as EN, ES, IT, FR, PT, DE, RU, JA, and CN.

If you are searching for an ideal gift for wine lovers, you won’t go wrong with this

MyOneo smart wine scanner is a great device to help you develop your wine tasting skills. Besides, it will help you discover the wine style you like, and provide you with personalized recommendations.


  • Scans your wine (strength, tannins, acidity, evolution)
  • All information delivered to phone
  • Create virtual cellar
  • Wine and seller recommendations based on your taste

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Editor's QuoteCosting well under $100, MyOeno is a perfect gift for wine lovers
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