Litmor Wireless & Waterproof Home Security Camera

The idea behind Litmor Wireless Security Camera is to offer you peace of mind knowing that you can monitor your property effectively and economically. Ideally, this is a security surveillance system that you can scale up as you want. With its patented AI, it can recognize people, cars, and animals. Also, with a 360-degree mounting system, you have the much-needed freedom to install it anywhere you want. This camera is compatible with your google home or alexa through which you can easily control the camera and its functions like light, alarm, etc.

wireless home security camera

Top Features

High-Quality Pictures and Videos

With a 1080p HD camera, you can forget about blurry images. This security camera reveals colorful and clear images, no matter the conditions. In fact, you get crystal clear images, whether it is at night or day.

Instant Alerts

Litmor wireless cam records event videos whenever it detects motion. You can turn on and off push notifications to stay ahead of things.


This is a wireless waterproof IP camera that protects your home both inside and out, night and day, shine, and rain. Rated IP66 means your security cam can withstand harsh weather conditions such as snow, heavy rainfall, and hurricanes. That does not mean you install your cam underwater.

Wireless Functionality

Being a wire-free security camera, you can install it even in remote areas such as farms, outdoors, or where there is no security. Since there are no wires or cords, it is not easy for burglars and thieves to detect its presence. To aid its wireless functionality, it is powered by rechargeable batteries, which you will need to recharge about three times per year.

wireless IP camera

Considering the adaptability and cost of the Litmor wireless security camera, it is a great option nearly for everyone. It can work well when used in the pet area, backyard, farm, main entrance, and more.


  • Wireless Cam
  • 4 Months Battery Life
  • Waterproof
  • Two Way Audio
  • 1080p Full HD Recording

Editor's Review
4.4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteWireless + Waterproof IP camera at this price point is unbelievable