BEVVO Portable Blender

Bevvo is my rave-o! This blender on-the-go simplifies fitness maintenance. Nutrition goals no longer slip out-of-sight. Skip over-indulgence at lunch or that high-calorie afternoon snack. Conquer temptation and save money. Instead bring MyBevvo, the lightweight, portable smoothie maker with heavy lifting nutrition capacity!


Bevvo is an elegantly designed battery-operated blender that fits easily in a gym bag. This versatile blender carries up to 15 blend cycles of smoothie pulsing before you must plug in the USB charger that is supplied with the unit. Add fresh or frozen fruit, veggies, or ice, to create a perfect 15 fluid oz concoction from MyBevvo smoothie recipes. Its ultra-chic style reflects the discerning taste of its users. Choose between the metallics in red or silver, or among the more traditional matte white, black or rose-gold Bevvos.

Bevvo Portable Blender

If you are biking, you can slide your Bevvo portable smoothie blender into a handsome adventure backpack. This accessory can be slipped on your bike handle as you pedal off for a long ride. Whether you are hiking, biking, or cooling down after a monster burn at the gym, your Bevvo remains chill. The silicone ingredient bag and waffle ice tray that come with each Bevvo allow you to pulse a delicious, chill smoothie on the spot!



Protein Shaker + Blender for Fitness Freaks, Simple to Carry

Bevvo Smoothie Blender

Finally, I feel Bevvo is a perfect fit for every fitness freak like me. MyBevvo looks as good as it makes me feel. This portable blender makes nutrition maintenance a chinch. Bevvo is worth the wait. It is easy to clean, maintain, and charge.

Currently, Bevvo blender is available here. Use Bevvo discount code “REF-GFORGADGET” to get a 10% discount.


  • Portable Design
  • 15 Blends per Charge
  • Easily slips on to your Backpack
  • Personal Shaker

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