The Couch Console – The Self Balancing Cupholder

Do you usually struggle to find a place to put all your knickknacks? If yes, you should invest in the Couch console. It incorporates everything you need, including holders for your cups, snacks, phone, and so much more. Ebite Inc. may be promising a lot in this compact pack, but do they deliver?

Multiple Functionalities

You get so much out of the coach console. These include:-

  • Cupholder
  • Snack holder
  • USB charging plug
  • Phone and remote organizer
  • Extra storage space for other items you like to carry around, including batteries and cables

Self-Balancing And Modular Cup Holder

Ebite Inc. used the gyroscope system to solve an issue many of us have; how to keep your cup in a vertical position. It is especially hard when you do not have a flat surface. The coach console’s cup holder will not spill your drink due to the self-balancing technology. You can also lock your cup into place for that added stability.

Another nifty design aspect is the ability to customize the console as you wish. You can add two cups or even create more space by shifting some of the components about. Simply use the spacer to create different compartments.


You will like the aesthetic appeal of the coach console. You have a choice of colors, including white and black. The design is compact, allowing for easy portability. The company has used recycled form in its construction. The result is a lightweight, environmentally-friendly, durable product.

Lifetime Warranty

Ebite Inc, the company that produces this gadget, promises that the coach console will last for a very long time. They are backing up their claims with a lifetime warranty. You can, therefore, be sure of a good product.

Final Verdict

The coach console is a fantastic buy for anyone. You can use it in your car, or even in your home. You get a neat way to put everything together, right within your reach. The product has already received over nine thousand orders and I think the company will be able to fulfill the delivery as the product looks feasible in every way. But keep in mind that when companies receive tens of thousands of backers, the shipment could be delayed too much. With that being said, The Couch Console is a nice gadget to have on your couch!


  • Modular Blocks
  • Self-balancing cupholder
  • Snack holder
  • Phone stand
  • Charging dock
  • Remote tray

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