Govee Hexagon Light Panels for Wall

If you’re on the lookout for innovative lights to make your room more engaging, look no further than these Govee Hexagonal light panels. The LED light kit offers a unique way to make a functional decoration.

Govee’s products are smart. They can be controlled from your phone, voice assistant and whatnot. The smart app lets you experience in-depth features, including Music & Scene modes, sharing user-made effects and daily scheduling.

These panels are modular and you can add more blocks as you need. Each power adapter can support up to 12 light panels. With these RGB panels, you can light up your living room, closet, bedroom or any other wall décor scene.

Shout out to Govee’s RGBIC technology as it helps you bring your vision to life simply by selecting multiple colors for a promising lighting experience across your entire design.

Another exciting feature is the 28 preset lighting effects. Choosing your animated multicolor scene effects that fits your décor is so fun. That’s what this device is made for. Along with that, there are 6 kinds of music sync modes so that you can turn on your favorite song or video.

Hexagon 3D Panels

Govee recently released their 3D hexagon panels which are kinda cool. Check them out.

This is a 3D panel


  • RGB LED lights
  • 28 preset animated effects
  • Hassle-free installation and set up
  • Govee Home App & Voice Controls
  • 6 kinds of Music Sync Modes

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4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteI have personally tested some of Govee's products and they are so aesthetic
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