I have an M1 Macbook Pro and it looks very elegant. But, there are ways to make your Mac look even better. I did some research and compiled some ways to make your MacBook aesthetic and eye catchy.

1. Customize your desktop background with a visually pleasing image or pattern

On my Macbook pro, I have an aesthetic, abstract wallpaper that I got from Justin Maller’s blog. It is so eye catchy that I’ve had many friends ask me where I got it.

Wallpapers are available in every category. Nature, arts, animals, patterns, etc. Choose something that you don’t mind seeing all day.

2. Choose a unique image for your lock screen

Just like the wallpapers, you can change the image on your lock screen. Although the display turns off when you put your laptop to sleep, it is still okay to have something cool looking.

I have my wallpaper and lock screen set to the same picture but you can have separate ones.

3. Use keyboard covers, skins, or decals to give your MacBook a pop of color

This is the best way to make your MacBook look aesthetic. Installing a keyboard cover is quick and easy and it makes your laptop look unique. Same with skins but skins are hard to install and may require meticulous work.

You can also put different stickers and decals on MacBook’s top surface.

There are many options in the market but the following are very aesthetic in my opinion

KECC Aesthetic Macbook skin, keyboard cover and sleeve combo

How about a combo of all? Yes, this product includes skin, a keyboard cover and a sleeve. There are more than 25 combinations and you can choose one that resonates with your style. KECC is one of the highest-rated products on Amazon.


Sanfulin Keyboard Cover Skin for Macbook Pro and Air

This keyboard skin is very eye catchy. If you install this on your Mac, I’m sure everyone who sees it will ask about it. There are 3 color options to choose from. I really like the Bohemian one.

4. Change the icons on your dock to match your personal style

Did you know you can easily change the icons of your mac apps? One way to use this is to change the icons of the apps on your dock. If you have a set of icons, all matching the same style or color, it will look very cool.

You can find thousands of free Macbook icons on MacOSIcons

Here is a video showing how you can change your Mac icons. There are paid options too but I’ll stick with the free ones.

5. Organize your desktop by grouping similar files into folders and labeling them

You can have a really creative wallpaper like a tree with leaves and put the folders/files on those leaves. If you pair this with custom icons, your mac will look super cool.

6. Get a matching case or sleeve to protect your MacBook while also keeping its look cohesive

A sleeve for your macbook not only makes it look artsy but also protects your Mac from scratches and damage.

Londo leather sleeve for Macbook Pro and Air

This is a leather sleeve with art on one side. Looks prettier than a purse. There are 7 color options and the sleeve is suitable with any Mac, including the new M2, from sizes 13 to 16 inch.

JETech Laptop Sleeve for Macs

This is a very simple yet elegant sleeve for your MacBook. It has various color options – available for almost every macbook air and pro size. Inexpensive too.

7. Install a custom font to make your text look more appealing

Having an elegant font makes your MacBook look very aesthetic. There are many free fonts available online. You download the font, open the folder and double-click the .otf file and mac installs the font.

A good place to find aesthetic fonts for mac is FontSpace.


There you have it

These are some of our ideas but if you have any recommendations for our viewers, please leave them in the comments below.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a style that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to you.