Zumi – A Tiny Self Driving Car

During my visit to CES 2019, Zumi is one of the coolest gadgets that I came across. Zumi is a tiny little toy car that can be more than just a toy. It is a robot that you can configure to do whatever you want. This is how the company puts it, “Zümi is the first educational self-driving car kit that will teach you about the concept of artificial intelligence and self-driving car technology in a fun and engaging way”.

zumi robot for kids

With this cool product, you can learn or improve your skills in python coding, in machine vision and a bit of robotics too. The easy to use coding platform allows you to configure the robot effortlessly. One of the most attractive application is the self-driving. You can construct a miniature city with roads and let your Zumi roam around autonomously. Know more about this awesome robot from the video below.

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