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During my visit to CES 2019, Zumi is one of the coolest gadgets that I came across with. Zumi is a tiny little toy car that can be more than just a toy. Zumi is equipped with technology, it is a robot that you can configure to do whatever you want. This is how the company puts it, “Zümi is the first educational self-driving car kit that will teach you about the concept of artificial intelligence and self-driving car technology in a fun and engaging way”. With this cool product, you can learn or improve your skills in python coding, in machine vision and a bit of robotics too. The easy to use coding platform allows you to configure the robot effortlessly. One of the most attractive application is the self-driving. You can construct a miniature city with roads and let your Zumi roam around autonomously. Know more about this awesome robot from the video below.

Play to Learn; A perfect Gadget for STEM

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Zumi is a friendly and affordable self-driving car kit

What Can you do with Zumi?

  • Program Zümi to calculate the optimal route to a destination.
  • Train Zümi to identify objects and make decisions accordingly.
  • Train Zümi to recognize hand gesture and follow your instructions.
  • Program Zümi to recognize family and friends.

Learn by playing with Zümi, and you’ll learn about AI topics

Best Learning Robot


We have equipped Zümi with industry-standard tools used by self-driving car engineers, such as Tensor Flow and Open CV, to train her to drive autonomously in a given environment. TensorFlow is an open-source software library for data flow programming across a range of tasks. OpenCV is a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-time computer vision. They are both common tools used in the self-driving car industries.

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Fun for both beginners and advanced coders

Zümi is easy to pick up and start learning with, but there’s also an extraordinary amount of depth to explore. Beginners can use our web-based IDE to write code for Zümi using block-based coding and Python, with just a standard browser and no special set up.

For more experienced coders, they can write their own TensorFlow and Keras code to craft their unique self-driving car experiments, and architect their own neural networks to train Zümi to classify objects and recognize gestures.


Even if you have no experience with robotics, you will find interacting with Zümi an entertaining educational experience. Her expressions and behaviors are endearing. You can play with her for hours without even opening a laptop.

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Interactive Step-By-Step Tutorials

Teachers and students don’t need a technical background to follow her interactive tutorials. The block-based challenges can be used by anyone without prior programming experience. Zümi evolves as you learn and interacts with you along the way with friendly encouragement.


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