ZeroWheel – Smart Fitness Device

Here is a useful gadget for people who like working out from home.  Meet ZeroWheel, a motor-powered home gym accessory that can train arms, quads, glutes, abs and many more muscle groups.


ZeroWheel looks like an ab roller but wait, it has more technology than you can guess. The ZeroWheel features a powerful motor that offers 5 levels of resistance, as well as LED lights on either side of the wheel. It also connects to your smartphone and provides you with insights and workout information. There are four main modes to choose from, including burn, aerobic, assistance, and resistance.

ZeroWheel Fitness Device

The motor is smart enough to provide you assistance during your exercises. It is like a spotter in the gym. In the resistance mode, the motor works against you, offering more resistance. The product is portable but not very lightweight. I heard from their team that the final version is going to be lighter than the one I tested.

ZeroWheel Smart Fitness Device

ZeroWheel is battery powered and a single charge should last about 20 workouts. It self charges during workouts. When it is in resistance mode, the motor can actually work as a dynamo and generate some power. Although it cannot fully charge the device, it is a cool feature to have.

ZeroWheel Cool Fitness Device

When I tried this product, I was very impressed by how functional it was. Even as an avid gym-goer, I was impressed with the workout potential that the ZeroWheel has to offer, making it a solid addition to any home gym setup.

ZeroWheel Workout Device


  • Exercise Anywhere
  • Personal Analytics and Training
  • Train upper body, arms, quads, glutes, and calves
  • Two Modes (Assistance, Resistance)
  • 5 Levels in Each Mode

Editor's Rating
4.8 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteWith that level of resistance, ZeroWheel definitely helps you tone your body. I'm impressed.
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