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How cool is this little dog robot! Chipper is a cute robot from WowWee that looks and behaves like a puppy. If you are looking for a gift for your child, this robotic dog should make it to your wish list. The robot can do many actions including dancing, barking and it even interacts with you when you pet it. Chipper robo can be controlled via a remote. Though this gadget cannot replace a real dog in terms of emotions, it can, however, act as a companion for your kid. Costing under $50, this robot puppy is definitely worth a look.

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Editor’s QuoteA Cute Robot Dog that can't replace a real dog


Chipper Robot Toy Dog by WowWee

Product Description (from the manufacturer)

Meet Chipper – the playful prankster in the Chippies litter. Chipper is a funny blue robotic dog, who is always eager to play with you and make you laugh. Chippies are a pack of playful, interactive, remote control puppies that love to show off their many tricks. Pet their heads for different reactions including sniffs, barks, puppy kisses, and even a sneeze! Use the remote control to make your pet dog dance, sing, chase its tail, or tell it which way to roll. Chippies can explore your room on their own, or guard it from intruders using their infrared sensors; they’ll even sing together as a pack! Smaller in size than the original CHiP robot dog, Chippies feature bright LED eyes, posable hind legs, along with playful sounds and animations.

A Playful Pup of Your Own!

Meet the Chippies! A pack of zippy, interactive, robotic pups. They’re loveable, playful, and sometimes a little mischievous – just like real puppies! Take your pick of the litter with different styles and personalities – there’s a puppy for everyone!

Ready… Set… Play!

These pups have as much energy as the kids playing with them! Whether they’re zipping down halls, having a dance party, or exploring their environment, these pups are ready to play at any time of day!


Just like real puppies, Chippies love it when you pet them! They’ll react in adorable ways including sniffs, barks, puppy kisses, and even a sneeze!


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