Wainlux K6 – 3000mW Portable Laser Engraver

What if you could engrave your name on your wallet, laptop, smartphone case and whatnot! Meet Wainlux K6, a cool laser engraver. Wainlux K6 engraver helps you take creativity with you wherever you go. Unlike the heavy stationary engraver, Wainlux K6 portable laser engraver can be carried anywhere, making it the perfect tool for your portable art studio.

Features of Wainlux K6 Engraver

These are some of the coolest features of K6. There are more features that can be useful to you. You can find them on the product page.

Works on Almost Any Surface

K6 is versatile and allows you to engrave your design on almost any object. You can engrave your logo on fabric, leather, plastic, wood, and metal. Want to decorate your coffee, snacks, and fruits with emojis? Don’t sweat it! You can use this cool laser engraver to unleash your creativity on practically everything. How much you can do with this portable laser engraver is only limited by your imagination.

Smart Control

Wainlux portable engraver is simple to use thanks to the smart control feature that allows you to connect and control the device using a smartphone or laptop. It also comes with an app (Wainlux APP), where you can edit your designs on your phone. However, if you like editing your designs and photos on a computer, there is a dedicated software to help you accomplish your tasks fast.

Preview Before Engraving

Wainlux K6 has a preview feature that lets you see how the image will look like in the finished project. This is an excellent feature because it “removes chance” out of the creative process, and minimizes damage and loss.

One of the outstanding features of this cool laser engraver is the innovative rail and baseless design, which allows you to engrave an object of any size. Besides, its 3000mW laser power makes it 3x faster and more powerful than any other portable engraver.

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Safety is critical in any laser device. Wainlux K6 laser engraver has inbuilt safety protective laser lenses, which make it safe to use without wearing safety glasses. Furthermore, it has motion detection and overheating monitoring features to prevent accidents and damages.

With so many cool features, Wainlux K6 seems to be an amazing product. Also, Wainlux is a well-known brand in the field of laser engraving. Some of their previous products include K4 and K2. If you want an engraver for hobby, K6 won’t disappoint you.


  • 3000mW Laser
  • Portable Design
  • Smartphone App
  • Engraves on Almost Any Surface
  • Manual Focus
  • Weighs ~2 lbs

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