ViewSonic VX1755 – Portable Monitor

Portable monitors have blown up in the last few years, mainly due to their portability, convenience and remote work. There are so many portable monitors on the market but only a handful of them have a great quality-to-price ratio. One such is ViewSonic VX1755. This monitor is for everyone but those who work remotely love this one.

ViewSonic Portable Monitor Controls

The monitor features a 17.2 inch LED IPS display with 1080p screen resolution. The display features a 144 Hz refresh rate with AMD freesync premium technology. Please note that the premium tag requires some special assessments. The display has to pass some requirements to get the tag.

ViewSonic Portable Monitor Ports

This portable monitor features HDMI as well as USB C ports. If you are using a USB C port to connect to your laptop, then there is no need to power the device separately. On the flip side, if you are using HDMI, you will have to power the device separately with a USB C cable. There is a headphone jack as well.

The screen does not have touch functionality. As I tested, the brightness of it is great, it is lightweight and very minimal bezel.

ViewSonic is working on a portable OLED monitor but it will not be out anytime soon.

Viewsonic portable OLED monitor showcase


  • 17.2 inches Full HD Display
  • Very Thin and Portable
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • AMD FreeSync Premium
  • Two way Power with USB-C
  • Traditional HDMI, 3.5mm Ports

Editor's Rating
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteCosting around $299, this monitor is really worth its features
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