UVCeed – Mobile UV Light Sanitizer

What if you can disinfect any object with your phone? Yes, you can literally do that now. Meet UVCeed, a smartphone-operated UV light sanitizer. Using this gadget is as simple as opening a camera app and focusing it on an object. Yes, all you need to do is attach the light device to the back of your phone (magnetic attachment), open UVCeed mobile app, pair the device over Bluetooth and start sterilizing!

UVCeed UV Light SanitizerThe smartphone app has a ton of settings and analytics. It shows the sterilizing area, percentage of sterilization and many other metrics. The device is AI powered and makes use of augmented reality. This means, after you sterilize an area, the app is going to mark that area in a different color. This works even if you move your phone around.

UVCeed App

Another cool feature is human detection. The app automatically detects if there is a human/living being in front of the camera. If detected, the UV light automatically stops thereby reducing the risk of harming skin tissue.


The device is battery powered and the battery lasts for about a week. You can recharge it with a USB C cable. I do not have much information on its effectiveness but I heard from their team that they have done extensive testing.

UVCeed Mobile UV Sanitizer

This smartphone gadget will be out in Feb 2022 and will be priced at around $149


  • Magnetic Attachment
  • Dedicated Smartphone App
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Week-long battery
  • USB-C Charging

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4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThe AR feature of this gadget is so cool, you should see it live
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