The Coolest Coffee Table – Filled with Smart Devices

Warning: Many Kickstarter backers reported that they never received their products and said that this company is a sham. Please do your research before purchasing this table

The coolest coffee table resembles your average coffee table – one that you may employ to hold your set down, your arcade organizer for the switch or place your feet up while watching television. Except, the table dense wooden exterior conceals a horde of functions that permit it to do so much extra.

Both the coffee table and its cooler serve their entitled dedications, to aid you to relax and chill. And this wooden coffee table can even achieve that in an entirely ordinary manner, closed up, keeping bowls with decorative balls plus your preferred coffee table reading materials. Its creators declare the table’s upmarket wood construction is quite durable and appears great in households with practically whichever established décor or vibe.

Cool Features

Inside the hi-tech coffee table, you will find total entertainment and relaxation setup. Akin to the cooler, it comes with integrated power for all of your gadgets, in the form of a speedy-access power dock with both standard and USB outlets for laptops and lamps.

In one of its legs, you shall find tandem fridges sized for cold drinks, whereas the other lodges an extensive pull-out drawer for stowage of shelf-stable snacks and liquor, gaming controllers and remotes. Whatever was on top of the coolest coffee table can also be hidden there quickly when someone shows up out of nowhere.

Wooden Construction and Color Schemes

Construction seems to be all-wood for this coffee table, making it remarkably simple to assimilate into numerous sorts of interiors. Neutral color schemes conform effortlessly regardless of the theme of your living room, despite what team you support, or how extensive your collectibles assortment is, the wooden coffee table is your flawless fit. Your associates shall be jealous of your new recreation centerpiece; they shall not want to go!

Final Verdict

Costing around $600, this smart table is not cheap. If you construct a wooden table and add all those smart components yourself, it might cost you way below $600 but the time it takes is phenomenal.

Let us talk about the company. If I see their Kickstarter page, the creator’s name is ‘Coolest Products’……. is that even a name? Also, there is little to no info about their company. On the page, there is no info about the company’s website, team, history or whatever. This is making me a bit hesitant to recommend this product. So, please proceed with caution.


  • Wooden Table
  • Pop-Up Tabletop Extension
  • AC Power Outlets
  • USB Ports
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Cooling Fridge
  • RGB Lights

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4.2 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis table looks great but is it legit?
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