Terraplanter – A Cool Inside Out Planter

Note: This product is now called Tevaplanter

Today I am featuring a cool home decor kinda gadget called Terraplanter (they’ve changed their name to Tevvaplanter now). Terraplanter is an inside-out planter used for growing plants indoors. The planter holds water inside, and then it diffuses it outwards hence sustaining plants that grow on its surface. In this article, we shall be taking you through the crucial features of a Terraplanter.

terraplanter dimensions


1. Runs on water only

Terraplanter 1is not equipped with soil or dirt; however, it runs on water only. Therefore, maintaining this hydroponic planter is relatively easy since it does not require much cleaning.

2. Highly reusable

The best part is that terraplanter is made from natural materials, and it is 100% reusable. This makes it an incredible method of curbing your carbon footprint.

3. Constant water supply

With terraplanter, your plant’s roots are assured a constant supply of water. In addition to that, they will also have a continuous supply of air.

How to use terraplanter

How does it work?

Terraplanter operates as a water bank. Despite the structure being solid, it is highly porous, allowing water to diffuse through it at a slow and constant rate. The water is then held by the plan cells allowing it to drink an ample amount of water on the other side; you will less often see the water flowing.


Terraplanter is highly essential when it comes to the home garden. It aids in beautifying your home. Usually, the primary functions of a terraplanter include;

· Holding seed on a surface until it sprouts.

· Holds ample water supply for the roots

· Offers incredible shape and texture for plants to grip on.

Terraplanter supports a number of plants including ferns, orchids, moss, etc.

Terraplanter supported plants

Final verdict

If you are looking for a way to beautify your home, then you should consider giving terraplanter a try. This minimalistic gadget is perfect for any place and serves as good-looking home decor.

Terraplanter or Tevvaplanter was originally crowdfunded. The backers are yet to receive the product. In the meantime, you can check out a knock-off product on Amazon, it looks very similar and has decent reviews. Check it out here.


  • No Soil Needed
  • Self Watering
  • Reusable

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