Tenkara Beartooth – Mini Fishing Rod

Fishing is by far, one of the fun activities out there; however, choosing the right fishing gear can be challenging for most individuals. This is often because of different designs and brands available in today’s market. By purchasing a good fishing rod, not only saves you time and effort but also makes fishing super fun. With that said, in this article, we shall be focusing on one of the best fishing rod available in today’s market; the Beartooth by Tenkara Rod Co.


Beartooth unlike many other fishing rods has some of the coolest and useful features. It is collapsible and hence extremely easy to carry. If you love outdoor adventures, Tenkara could be one of the best camping gadgets, fresh dinner on top of a mountain! Let us see some useful features of this product in detail.


When it comes to choosing the best fishing rod, portability should always be your top priority. The Beartooth Tenkara mini fishing rod is highly portable, which makes it fun to use. Not only was it designed to go anywhere that you go, but also it offers great action when it comes to fishing which makes it a fun gadget.


This mini fishing rod features a collapsed length of 14 inches or 35 cm and an extended length of 10 feet or 304 cm.

Great design

The Beartooth Rod is equipped with a tip that swivels and a handle with a rubberized grip for perfect traction when fishing. Furthermore, it features two different colors the desert tan and black. Also, the tensile strength of the rod is very good. So it won’t break easily, even with a huge fish at the tip.


· Highly portable
· Features an incredible design
· Equipped with an incredible handle that enhances traction
· It features a mini design which makes it easy to store and transport
· Highly durable
· Features an incredible performance


· Despite it being a great product, the Beartooth Tenkara mini fishing rod is slightly pricey when compared to most fishing rods in today’s market.

Final verdict

The Beartooth Tenkara mini fishing rod is an incredible product that assures you perfect performance in every strike. Irrespective of its price, this mini fishing rod is very durable and highly portable, which makes it an excellent investment. If you do fishing as a hobby, this gadget will definitely get you hooked.


  • Collapsible Rod
  • Fits in a Backpack
  • Amazing Tensile Strength

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