Superstrata Ion – 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

I have written about a number of electric bikes in the last few months including fat tire mountain bikes, portable folding electric bikes, etc. But none of them had so-called ‘futuristic look’. But today, we have a new 3D printed bike called Superstrata. This bike has two models, Terra and Ion. In this article, I am talking about Ion since it is an electric bike.

The ingenious designing that has gone into the making of the Superstrata bike is like no other. With this bike you get a unibody construction that is incredibly strong. Their Superstrate Ion version gives you amazing power-assisted propulsion. Everything about this bike is of high quality, including its carbon fiber wheels that fit very well in this bike that has a carbon fiber frame as well.

This Superstrata electric bike is without a doubt a master of all manner of terrains. You will be able to venture into open roads as well as closed ones, owing to its versatility. It literally gives you the freedom to be yourself.

Ion is a dual mode eBike, you can use pedal assist when needed

The Superstrata ebike gives you the ultimate comfort as you have the option of electric propulsion, making your work easier. Highlighted below are the amazing features that make this carbon fiber ebike to stand out from the rest.

1. Fully Customizable

With this futuristic electric bike, you can get exactly what you need and not just the colors. It is possible for you to get the exact frame size that is fit for your maximum comfort. This allows you flexibility like no other.

2. Durable Build

This 3D printed bike is built with durable materials that will last you for such a long time. You will not have to worry about your bike rusting, as it won’t. Its beautiful design will maintain for a very long time.

3. Futuristic Look

Once you purchase this bike, you are assured of turning heads as you cycle it. It has a beautifully designed futuristic look that is incredible. You will be longing for a chance to get on your bike.

Superstrata scores a 10/10 for its aesthetics and design

4. Great Mileage and Speed

With a battery capacity of 125Wh, this electric bicycle can last for up to 60 miles or 96 kilometers. When you look at an eBike, this is an impressive range. Some bikes sub $1000 bikes won’t go beyond 40 miles. Also, with a powerful 250W motor, you can reach up to 20 miles per hour speed which isn’t bad.

If I were looking to buy an eBike for the city commute, I won’t look further. With a huge 60 mile range and 20 miles/hour cruising speed, Superstrata Ion competes with some of the most advanced eBikes online. Finally, there is very few electric bicycles that look to be from the future and Superstrata is one among them. Go get it.


  • Unibody Carbon Fiber Design
  • Up to 60 Miles Range
  • Up to 20 mph/32 kmph
  • 250W Motor & 125 Wh Battery
  • 2 Hours Charging Time
  • Weighs ~24 lbs

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4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis is the coolest and most futuristic eBike I have seen in 2020
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