SunFounder Arduino Robot Kit – A Cool DIY Robot for Kids

I remember myself using Arduino Uno for an LED cube project and believe me, you can do almost anything with it. When you combine this with DIY kit, even small kids can easily program interactive robots. Having said that, Sunfounder, a very well known manufacturer of STEM gadgets and DIY kits has a wide range of products that use Arduino to build crazy toys and robots. This Arduino robot kit is one of them.
kids robot kit
This robot kit features an Arduino nano board, an ultrasonic sensor at the front (the scary looking eyes in the top) and a few servo motors. This is a DIY robotic kit which means you should build it yourself. Fret not, even a small kid could do these construct these DIY kits with ease. The robot could walk like a person, make hand movements and probably it could dance too! It is equipped with an obstacle avoidance feature as well. This programmable robot kit would be a perfect gift for a kid, who is interested in STEM-related stuff.


  • Easy to assemble
  • High Performance 9G servo motors
  • Obstacle avoiding
  • Learn to code easily

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Editor's QuoteA Very useful STEM Robot that stimulates ideas in Kids
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